Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The days had passed quickly for some, and more slowly for a few. The children loved the water play in the fountains, the weather calm and unseasonably warm for October. Inari had come to visit with Star about Ghaunts arrangements, reminding everyone of the mans heroism and sacrifice for those he hardly knew. Star had given her a picture she had drawn of Robin. She 'knew' someone was looking for him and when she had asked him about his family his eyes filled with tears as he nodded. He was in awe of Inari until she had lifted him and tossed him the air, catching him. Tomas flew right next to him, laughing at the boys whispery giggles. Later, Alise had noticed Tomas' silence and asked what was wrong.

Tomas shrugged then his eyes filled with tears. “Tante Star say Robin has mommy looking for him. He go home soon...”

Alise had pulled her son into her lap and told him that they could still be friends. Her heart broke for her son but she explained that one could not keep a child away from his mother, that would not be fair. Tomas nodded but Alise and Stoney both could feel his sadness at the thought of his friend going home.

Wanting to speak to Inari, Keon had gone out to gardens when he heard she had arrived. Seeing Stars arms for the first time had shocked him. The small burns stayed blue and looked for all the world like a scattering of stars among the crescent shaped scars on her arms.

“Lady of the Stars and Moons....” he whispered and glanced towards Inari who nodded solemnly. Turning back to Star he asked what happened and when she explained Keon swore that Ardara would pay for the injury tenfold.

Laila and Ramji had made the most of their nights together, not sleeping much and thoroughly enjoying some time to themselves without any responsibilities. Laila practiced some Irish dance steps Rowan had taught her. She made the moves her own making them more sensuous and showed them to Ramji, dancing naked in the moonlight. Ramji thought she looked like an ancient pagan goddess come to life and wanted to lock her away, afraid of breaking the spell weaving between them.

The time had passed slowly for Raina. She wasnt used to be stuck in bed or laying on the couch, which is all anyone would let her do. Everyone anticipated her every need to the point of being totally exasperating. When she started snapping at everyone, Nick carried her outside and let her sit under the stars. Raina had sighed, “Leave me out here.. this is better than being locked up in the house...” Nick had made love to her, something slow and gentle and new to them both. Afterwards, they could hear Ky and Gareth upstairs and Raina started to laugh for the first time since the battle, her anger at being injured, waited on and losing Ghaunt finally melting away.

But the time had passed even slower for Tannr. He couldnt wait to hold Tori in his arms and be sure that she was going to be all right. He told her stories of the Vikings and the Sagas when she was alert enough, wrapped her in love with his mind and never left the balcony except for a very few minutes at a time. Tori would tell him to go but he stayed, even when she threatened to kick his ass when she was healed. Tannr laughed and they made bets, teased each other and Tori began to heal. Tannr could feel her getting stronger even though her hip still gave her some pain.

On this evening Tannr had stepped inside to speak briefly to his brother. He was getting ready to take his family home in the morning and wanted to make sure Tannr knew, just in case he needed to get in touch with them. Tannr had visited with his brother and sister-in-law for a few minutes, went into the bathroom to wash up and was thinking of asking one of the slyphs for supper when he had another visitor. Before he could open the door, Ike stuck her head in.

“Hey! I just wanted to leave some things for Tori...for when she wakes. Can I put them in the bathroom?”

Tannr nods, “Sure..” and notices Ike carries a change of clothes and some bottles of soap and lotion that Tori especially likes.

“Do you think she will be awake soon? I can tell she's getting stronger...”

Ike nods and hurries out, leaving Tannr perplexed. Ike's always a chatterbox, why the rush tonight? Maybe Monty is coming over....she said she wouldnt leave until Tori was better....

Stepping out to the balcony Tannr stops, his first reaction is fear. He doesnt see Tori, the balcony is empty. Then he senses her behind him.

“Hi Coppertop. Sure you still want me?”

“Gods, yes...” he groaned. “Come here....” Tannr pulls her into his arms, worried at how thin she had become and how pale.

Ike peeked in when her sister blocked everyone and smiled at the sight of Tannr and Tori, arms wrapped around each, the balcony softly lit under a huge full moon.

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