Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ardara was enraged at the escape of her prisoner. Two servants had died under her hand and her receiving room was demolished. Every time a servant attempted to clean up the damage they were met with kicks and screams of rage. Every guard and servant was interrogated, every delivery person with access to the temple. No one knew how a group of humans had managed to sneak in, other than they had Ghaunts help. Ardara had Ghaunts quarters torn apart, looking for some shred of evidence.

“When I find him his head will grace the temple forever... after he has been tortured to death... and cut into very, very small pieces....”

It took several days for the rage to pass and a cold calculating hate to take its place.

She called for her scrying bowl and pointed to a table when the servant girl brought it. Ardara sent another girl to the temple for a pitcher of water blessed by Lolth.

Striking out at those nearest to her, Ardara screamed, “Get out! All of you. Stupid guards, we will be recapturing my prisoner and I dont care if you all die in the process..”

Ardaras tirade is interrupted by the girl returning with the pitcher.

“Leave it there on the table and get out.”

The girl does as she is told, never lifting her head and backs out of the room.

Ardara gazes into the still black water and smiles evilly as the main room of the tavern takes shape in the murky depths.

“We will meet again, gargoyle... after I know you a little better.... ” Her chilling laugh sent any servants listening in the hall running...

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