Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Manse was quiet, the Riders leaving one by one as they healed. The kids were all sleeping, the halls quiet after so much laughter and rowdiness. Rowan knew the families were making plans to head home now that Tori was on the mend and wanting to go home herself.

Sometime around midnight Rowan stops in to check on her patient knowing that Tori was anxious to get back to her own place.

She finds Tori curled up with Tannr resting but obviously very much awake. She smiles at Rowan and the first thing she says is “Can I go home?”

Rowan laughs, “Tired of me and the Manse already?”

“No, not really. I just want to be in my own place. It seems like ages after all the... well... you know....”

“I can imagine...” Rowan takes out a stethoscope and starts her exam. She cant find anything seriously wrong at this point. Tori seems pale and tired but nothing unexpected. Tannr watches closely obviously still worried.

“Well, I think you can go. Is he going to be around to help?” Rowan nods towards Tannr who grins from ear to ear.

“I wont let her out of my sight, I promise.” Tannr and Tori exchange smiles and both look anxiously to Rowan.

“Okay then... just take it easy for a couple days.. No dancing on the tabletops or swinging from the chandeliers... I'll stop by tomorrow evening if thats all right.”

Rowan excuses herself with the thought of joining Mortuis for a drink before she heads out herself. A drink with an old colleague and the rest of the evening spent with Traeger... her thoughts bring a smile to her face.

Back in Toris room Tannr has gathered up the few belongings they had there. He asks a sylph to show them where Toris jeep is, knowing that Stoney had made sure it was here in case they needed it. He turns to Tori and pulls her into his arms. “Lets get you home Red...”

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