Monday, July 23, 2012

Traeger had been staying in touch with Pandora and Rowan by phone; prepared to go and join his magick with theirs if needed. When Pandora called to tell him Ob was feeling better, and Tanner was moving a little, he breathed a sigh of relief...Pandora's assurance that everything was under control cemented an idea that had been going through his mind.

He loved Rowan, but realized as much as they enjoyed each other; she was never going to commit to a relationship with any man on a long term basis.

He had been thinking that it would be good to have clay from the gargoyles homeland's for emergencies, just as they had just experienced with Ob....and it would put some distance between him and Rowan.

If he was going to move on in life he needed to find his kindred spirit, he had never enjoyed solitude... having been married to Pandy's mother from an early age he was used to having a companion to talk with... to just know was there with him.

He decided to take the plunge and called and got his tickets laid out for the following week; Ob and Tanner should be out of danger by then. Roxi was in the shop and he called her in.... "Roxi; I have been really pleased with your work,and your dedication to the shop and the people we hold dear as friends and family." Roxi stammered... "Thank you, I love it here, its home," she blushed furiously at his compliment.

"Glad you feel that way, because I am going out of country to visit the gargoyles homelands and send back clay to be stored for emergencies... Obsidian's injuries and the ones Tori has had made me aware we are not prepared as we should be... so I am leaving you in charge while I'm gone." Roxi's mouth opened, but no words came out... "I know you can handle it," Traeger continued, "and you have Pandora and Jeb for backup if you need them."

Roxi stammered... "Thank you for your confidence in me; I'll not let you down." Traeger walked over and hugged her... "You're like another daughter to me, I know you won't, and I can walk away without a care."

Once Roxi left, Traeger got in his vehicle to visit the manse. He was waved through the wards and paused to put his hand on a sleeping dragon's shoulder as he passed into the house; he wanted to talk to Rowan before he started packing for his trip.

Traeger found Rowan in the kitchen drinking a much needed cup of coffee; and sat with her to hear her update on the two injured men. "Rowan, I have been thinking about going abroad to get clay from the gargoyles homelands and send it back; this last incident with Ob made me aware we don't have everything we need to handle injuries to our loved ones."

Traeger was pleased Rowan agreed it was necessary...  "I am also going because I need to put some distance between us, I have feelings for you I can't overcome with you around; and I know your dedication to your work will never let you commit to a companion in life.  Our lovemaking is fantastic, but there is more for some people...I need more; I need someone that needs me."

Traeger looked into Rowan's eyes;and the compassion in them told him she understood... but she couldn't be that woman for him. Traeger continued... "We will always be friends, and maybe more on occasion as we have been; but I have no hold on you.

I am leaving in a few days; just waiting for Ob to waken before I leave... if there is anything you need brought back let me know." He bent and kissed her as he got up to leave; feeling a tug at his heart as he let go of his dreams with her.

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