Monday, July 23, 2012

The others have gone. Some to rest. Raina and Erik, she knows, are just outside in the hall. Even though Tori knows Tannr is in the best of hands with Mortuis and Rowan, she can't resist mentally touching him for confirmation.

His mind is quite, lost in a realm just beyond sleep, but not quite as close to death as when she first searched him. An image of his battered, dying body slips into her thoughts and Tori shoves it out before it can translate itself to Tannr. She smiles a little and follows his energy, seeking the work that was performed on her lover. She can feel his pain, but knows to take it away would mask things best left to be seen.

Once content to know everything that could be done has been done, the Gargoyle kisses his forehead. Murmuring against his feverish skin she whispers of her love, and that if he doesn't come back to her, she will seek him out in the Afterworlds to kick his Viking ass. Closing her eyes, a stray tear slips from her control.

Her voice cracks slightly as she observes to her comatose lover, "You know, for someone known as the Right Hand of Death, Mortuis has been working very hard to save our assorted hides..."

 "Si... He ees not quite what the world knows of heem."

Tori looks around at the voice. She has rarely seen Ob's cousin as anything but the self assured woman he looks up to. But now the signs of fatigue are unmistakable, as is the worry that adds lines around the Rom/Succubus' darkly exotic eyes. Her casual jeans and T-shirt are also something that Tori has never seen. Silk smiles tiredly.

"Mi Cooza ees resting comfortably as possible. Pandora ees weeth heem for now. She has a spot to sleep where she can see heem when she goes to her rest. We have applied more clay as the first withdrew into the wound. Perhaps another two applications will be needed as well. Malachite ees tending to heem until she weell need to rest as well."

Tori reaches out to touch her sister, her brother, and his mate as Silk checks Tannr's IV. Ob... I am... oh Goddess... I forgot to...

Her brother chuckles, a wince translating through their mental link. Don't. Tannr's care was the more immediate. 

She licks her lips, He wouldn't have this chance if it wasn't for you.  

Thank his men. They got him out, I just kept the thing occupied.

She would have argued, but she knows Ob saw it exactly as he told her. Anyone else hurt? No one else was brought to us.

Ob is silent for several long minutes. We lost Hugh. He went down fighting. They brought his body out though. Tannr has a good team. I am hoping Lily's little present did its magic. and we hear from them soon.

She feels his mind drift as Ike slips something cool along the base of a wing.  

Rest sis.. You won't do him any good if you don't.

Pandora touches Ob's mind, reminding him of the same thing. The love between them is obvious and Ob bends to his wife's will.  

Caio Tori... will look in on you when I am awake...

He fades away, leaving Tori with her thoughts. She reviews the images that were behind Ob's words, seeing the reality of the skirmish. Breathing deep. Tori fights for calm.  

I will not fall apart... I will not fall apart...

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