Monday, July 23, 2012

Pandora had awakened when she heard Chloe's chanting start; startled that she was awake... then smiling as she felt the spell and saw the circle of children through her daughter's eyes. A sense of pride swelled in her at her daughter's progress in the magickal arts... and that Chloe and the children had drawn together to weave the healing spell. There was no more gifted group of children in the world than the little ones seated on the floor of the cottage... each with gifts of their own; but also all able to combine their shared love for their family to send forth magick.

Pandora heard Ob's sigh as he felt the spell, and she padded out in her bare feet to sit beside him... her head leaning against his thigh as she relaxed her earlier fears; feeling Ob gathering strength.... feeling the children's spell help relax Tanner's pain.

Pandora sensed another outside in the garden... but far removed; and knew it was someone else seeking solace... she felt better beside her husband, and got up to go inside for her pillow and a blanket. Pandora gently kissed the sleeping dragon's face and laid herself at his feet... her back against his scaled talons as she pulled the blanket around herself and fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow... greatly comforted by the children's spell.

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