Monday, July 23, 2012

Tori returns to the room after her meal and shower to find Tannr standing by the window. Marc sees the storm brewing in her eyes and says his goodbyes, saying he would be back and bring Lily to visit.

As the door closes Tori moves towards the window. “Tannr, what the hell are you doing? Please let me help. You knew I would be right back...”

“I can manage Red.” Tannr grabs the back of a chair for balance.

“But I want to help. You helped me when I needed it.”

“I know...but I can manage..” Tannr wobbles a bit as he lets go of the chair and heads for a nearby couch.

“You damn stubborn Viking... Dont be an idiot, you need to rest and heal..” Tori stamps her foot. “I hate this..”

“Oh great... I risk my life and now you hate me...” Tannr says, only half teasing.

“Nooo... I love you... I hate this... this... situation. I hate that you got hurt because of me... I hate not sharing a bed...” Toris voice cracks and Tannr sees the tears gathering in her green eyes.

“Come here Red..” Tannr stands and pulls her close. “We are both exhausted, frustrated.. I'll go back to bed if you come with me...” Tannr kisses Toris neck slowly, taking in her scent, the feel of her skin under his lips.

“I shouldnt, your wound..”

“Damn the wound! I dont care. What I care about is us.. and I need you next to me...”

Sometime later Rowan starts to enter the room and then stops. Tori is curled up in bed with Tannr, her head resting on his shoulder, Tannrs arms around her. She smiles as she backs out of the room... she mutters softly to herself, "Another step in the if we can just get the iron and venom under better control..."

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