Monday, July 23, 2012

The food is good. At least she knew the food was good... it just tasted like cardboard in her current sensory situation. Picking at the food on the tray, Tori stares at the grey shading of her pale skin. A heavy sigh escapes her lips. She breathes deep and takes a swig of the strong coffee someone thoughtfully provided.  

I will not continue to fall apart... I will not continue to fall apart...

 Her gaze follows Rowan as she moves around Tannr until she intercepts Alise' lavender eyes. They stare at each other for a few moments until Tara reaches up to tug at her mother's hand. Tori lowers her eyes to her tray and takes another sip, making sure her shields are up tight. She feels a nudge at her walls and tightens them even more. Behind her there is a rapid exchange of French and she hides another sigh.

The weight of a hand on her shoulder doesn't surprise her. Rather, she has been expecting it.

 "I am fine."

Her brother bends his knees, lowering his long frame so he is face to face with her. His long black hair is hanging loose, a style he wore when they were nothing but four Gargoyles trying to make it in a Human world. He stares at her for a few moments, tucking it behind his ears. She closes her eyes, fighting more tears.

"You lie. And... you are doing it badly."

"Shut... up."

"Your walls are tight. Your skin is grey. There is grey in your hair spikes... and... Mon Deiu! You cried emeralds! How the hell you cried emeralds with ruby fire lines... never mind that now. But..." he shakes his head, hair slipping out from behind his ears. "You cried gemstones..."

Her gaze meets his for the first time. Stoney stares at her eyes. "Tori, your eyes have grey in them. You are trying to rein in your emotions. Don't. I remember all too well what it was like when that maniac werewolf had Alise. I could only touch her mind to mind. You have Tannr here, right in front of you. Let your human heart help you through this, don't go Gargoyle and block your emotions. True, Alise wasn't hurt as severely as Tannr is, but he is in the best hands. You know that."

He touches her cheek, cupping Tori's narrow face in his large hand. "He will not think less of you for your tears. Neither will any of us. *Petite sœur... He loves you, he needs you. Be true to both of you. Who knows... your tears may be what he needs, or perhaps knowing you cry for him will let him know the depth of your devotion."

She closes her eyes for a moment, reaching out to touch Ob for just a moment before touching Tannr's mind in a caress. "Ob is..."

"Ob lives. He has gone stone, and will probably stay that way for several days. His wing was..." He swallows. "His wing was torn from his back, but they managed to clean out anything not Ob." He grins. "He will not be sporting his long dreds when he wakes. Silk had to break them off to get enough matching gravel to make the healing mud."

Her eyes widen. "How short?" A slim hand reaches up to touch her own spiked do.

"Not as short. His horns are about ten inches long, so his hair will be maybe shoulder length. We won't know until he can change back to flesh." At her nod, Stoney stands up, towering above her. "Eat, get rest, keep yourself open to Tannr. The hell with the rest of us. Tara says... Tara knows too much for a little girl. Tannr will need you to be strong. You keep his will to live alive. Rowan and Mortuis will do their best to keep the rest of him alive."

He leans down to hug her tight. whispering. "And you know we are only a thought away if you need the family's support."

She nods and pushes the tray away. Stoney scoops up Tara and kisses the very tired little girl before taking her from the room. Tori watches them go, then crosses to Tannr's bedside. She leans close, kissing him just below the ear. "Coppertop... you better..." Her voice breaks and a tear slips down her cheek. It makes a pinking sound as it drops to the floor.

He looks up at her, eyes slightly unfocused. "Red... Why are you so... grey?"

His eyes drift shut and Tori kisses his jaw. "Because you are tearing my heart out, you ass. That, and it is getting closer to sunrise. Sleep. rest. When I go stone, I will only be a thought away."

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