Monday, July 23, 2012

Eira takes her seat on the plane and sends a text to Jack before they take off..

Only another 3 hours, I cant wait to see you, among other things...

As the flight attendant instructs everyone to fasten seat belts and the engines roar to life, Eiras mind is elsewhere. She gazes out the window and tears fill her eyes. Saying goodbye to Sybil and Saint was so much harder than she thought it would be. The medium had arranged a going away dinner for her which Jeanette attended. The evening had been fun, the women talking of other things that were important to them, not just Eiras studies. Saint had taken a spot near Eiras feet and stayed there most of the evening.

When Jeanette got ready to leave, she gave Eira a long hug and pressed a small cloth bag into her hand. “You keep this close to you. Inside is powerful magic, special stones, powders, it will protect you and allow you to contact your guardian angel.”

Eiras eyes went wide, “Did you make it?”

Jeanette nodded, her expression serious at first, then her face split in a wide grin. “I want to hear all about your first night back home. Call me... love you...” and she was gone.

Saying goodbye to Sybil and Saint proved much more difficult and Eira couldnt stop the tears. Sybil hugged her, kissed her head, and told her to stop, which had Eira smiling through the tears.

Sybil handed Eira a card. “Here are my numbers, the house phone and my private cell. Call me any time with any questions or problems. I will do my best to help you. Enjoy your young man. Bring him to meet me sometime...”

“I will..” Eira promised. She hugged the woman who started as her teacher and ended up her friend then hugged Saint, took a deep breath and headed for her plane.

Her thoughts coming back to the present, Eira sighs. This is going to be the longest flight in history....

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