Monday, July 23, 2012

Rowan asked Tannr a few questions, checked the machines and vital signs. An injection of pain killer into the IV port and she was ready to start

Raina was watching as Erik turned Tannr a bit to his side so that Rowan could get to the dressings. Tannr moaned and quickly tried to stifle it seeing the look on Toris face. Star and Rowan started to remove the dressings and when the wounds were exposed Raina gasped at the extent of the damage. Tori stood and leaning over Tannr looked too. More tears slipped down her face and Raina took her arm.

“Hey. Its bad, but I have seen worse...” Raina lifts the side of her shirt and tugs her pants past her waist. “You should have seen this, and it's okay now..”

Tori nods, trying to stop the tears, trying to not fall completely to pieces in front of people. She sits and Tara takes her hand, letting her feel the energies and the spell. She watches as between that and the pain medication Tannrs face slowly relaxes and the pain seems to ease. Tori hardly notices when Tara starts picking up emeralds and placing them in a dish she found on a table.

Tannr reaches a hand towards Tori, “Come here Red.”

Tori kneels on the floor, laying her head next to Tannrs on the pillow. Tannr wipes her cheeks and whispers to her. “Shh... this will be fine... we'll be fine... okay? Dont cry, sweetie....”

“Just dont die on me... or anything like that...” Tori tries to smile.

“I wont... remember our date... cant miss that...” Tannr kisses her gently then relaxes and closes his eyes.

Tori has a split second of panic then realizes he has drifted off, the spell and the medication doing its job.

Rowan looks up from her work and smiles at Tori. “While we are here why dont you go wash up and take a little break? This wont take too much longer and I am sure he is going to be asleep for awhile, which is a good thing at this point.”

As if on cue, Alise taps on the door and enters with a tray for Tori. “I brought you some food and do not argue with me or I will get your brother. He is checking on Ob and will be here to see you after a bit. Go clean up and I will set this up...”

With a look at Tannr and a kiss to his forehead Tori does as she told, knowing she would sense any change in her beloved's condition.

Alise sets her tray down on a small table that she could push close to Tori when she returned. As she makes a cup of tea Tara approaches with her dish.

Regardez Maman...” Tara lifts her dish to show Alise.

 “Mon Dieu! Where did you find a bowl of emeralds?”

“They are Tante Toris. She cried them, like Papan...”

Alise's eyes go wide. “Lets set them up and show papa when he gets here...”

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