Monday, July 23, 2012

Once Ob is safely sleeping and Ike assures Pandora that what he needs now is rest... she lets herself release the emotions she has been holding. She walks the length of the garden to get as far from Ob as she can before she drops into a bench and surrenders to the sobs she has been holding back; she cannot imagine  what Tori must be feeling with Tanner's more dreadful wounds.

Chloe touches her mind... and she assures her that her papa is going to be okay; but he will be sore for quite awhile... she is just crying because she is happy he will be well, and she misses her babies... and hopes they are being good for Laila and the others. The feel of little arms wrapped round her neck touches her heart; and she knows it is Teri... he knows words are not necessary, just letting her know he loves her is enough.

Pandora composes herself and returns to the terrace; stopping to caress the sleeping dragon and gently kiss the rough scaled face... she hears his faint "bruha" from far away... and knows his healing has begun.... she goes inside and slips off her shoes, not bothering to remove her clothes as she lays on the cot near the door; her last conscious act to gaze upon Ob's sleeping form.

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