Monday, July 23, 2012

Tomas opens his eyes, looking around the room. He nudges Ryan, nearly pushing him out of the bed they share. Gracie rubs her eyes, as does Chloe. The girls wake Mera as Ryan peeks out in the hall and looks back, shaking his head. They tiptoe into the room where the two youngest boys are sleeping. Both boys are already awake and waiting for their cousins.

Tomas speaks softly. "We gots to be quiet. No wake up Lala and Ramji..."

The oldest girls pick up the infants and the children sit on the floor in a loose circle. Chloe instructs them to hold hands. She tells Mera and Ryan about opening their minds and letting the others help them with their mission. Ru holds tight to Mera and Tomas' hands, eyes wide and solemn. Teri offers his hand to Ryan, taking Gracie's hand as well. Once all have been seated, Chloe begins a chant of healing. She opens her mind, linking with Gracie and Tomas, then Teri, picking up and directing the energy through the others.

Fae magic merges with Chloe's casting as the others begin to chant with her. Light flares and magic surges. This time, instead of bouncing off the walls, the energy shimmers and slips through the wall like water through cloth. They feel the spell tough the Manse's wards, but as the Wards recognize the children's personal energies. the spell drifts where intended. Tannr and Ob both feel the warmth of children's smiles and the ache of little hearts. As the spell settles, a lullaby runs through their minds.

*Codladh, mo chodladh álainn. 
An póga Ghealach amach gach ngortú, 
mar na carraigeacha oíche tú réidh .... 

Codladh, mo chodladh álainn. 
Mo ghrá comforts tú 
mar na carraigeacha oíche tú réidh .... 

The spell wanders, touching others that the children love. In a circle of pavingstones, Keon raises his head in wonder as he hears his daughter's voice singing  the lullaby he taught to her mother as they awaited her birth.

On a stone bench a stone dragon feels the touch of the children and sighs softly as he feels the proud and awed touch of his Witchwife at the children's gift.

Tori looks at Tannr's strained face and cries, knowing Rowan was searching for the cause of his pain. Tara takes her hand and smiles, opeing herself to the spell, sharing with the others how bad their uncle is truly hurt. A fresh surge of power sweeps through and then tapers off.

Chloe has learned much about controlling her magic and the others have learned as well. Tori can feel their touch in any mind that can reach hers. Silently she watches Rowan work, tears slipping down her cheeks, but these tears are of raw emotions instead of fear.

Fire emeralds begin to collect in her lap. Tara picks up one of the stones and hands it to her.

"Tante Tori? You cry tears like my Pa'pan?"

Tori looks at her in surprise. "No, Tara. I am not full gargoyle."

Tara nods slowly, thinking. "Maybe it is only the sadness coming out because of the spell. Better put them in something before they melt."

*Sleep, my lovely sleep.
The Moon kisses away each hurt,
as the night rocks you gently....

Sleep, my lovely sleep.
My love comforts you
as the night rocks you gently....

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