Monday, July 23, 2012

May 28, 2:12 a.m. Alex Jeffreys couldn't believe his luck; he'd just left The Brass Ring with the hottest little nymphet in town. She looked almost too young to be legal, but he'd seen her ID, and kids don't have the money for a fake ID that good. He'd started out leading, but now he was following that tight little ass in the Catholic schoolgirl miniskirt. Damn, the girl couldn't be more than a college freshman...! could she?

The drinks he'd had and the sight of her ass bouncing along ahead of him conspired to make him stop thinking almost entirely; Little Head had taken command, Big Head nowhere to be found. She turned back and giggled, her Pepsodent smile inviting. "C'mon, Alex, it's not that much farther." She put an extra swing into her step somehow, the skirt flipping up now and again to show off her thong. Damn, her ass looked good enough to eat!

She stopped at the foot of a flight of stairs. Damn, he hoped he was sober enough to make it all the way up there.... She went up three steps and looked back down. "You comin'?"

"Not quite yet, baby," he leered. From where he stood, he could see all the way up her skirt and the view was terrific. She giggled again. "Come on up and we'll take care of that."

He stayed three steps behind her - all the better to watch her ass - and stopped while she fumbled with the lock. "C'mon in, make yourself at home while I slip into something more comfortable."

The apartment was furnished quietly, real wood furniture with a preponderance of dark nappy fabrics. It was too dark to tell the color, exactly... something like mahogany? Bookshelves covered two walls and a big-screen TV stood right in front of him. He wondered if she'd mind if he checked out the sports scores? Eh, maybe not... don't want to spoil the mood.

She came prancing in in a babydoll and he felt his cock swell and harden. She'd put her hair up in pigtails, tied off with pink ribbons and she looked good enough to eat - which was what he had in mind... very soon....

He jerked when he felt a hand on his collar. Shit, a boyfriend? He turned, ready with his apology - and stared into eyes that seemed lit from within, all yellow-green. He was hauled unceremoniously to his feet and his bladder let go when he saw the jagged bear-trap teeth. The thing had him in an armlock and it led him resistlessly to the bathroom, forced him to kneel over the tub... a quick slash of razor-edged claws and a jet of blood sprang from his throat, staining the white porcelain pink and then red. It held him there until his heart stopped, then gave a negligent wave. The others approached and bore him away to a place where he was prepared and packed away neatly in white butcher paper.


They all agreed... he was good enough to eat.

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