Monday, July 23, 2012

Tara slips out of her chair in the large kitchen of the manse where she had been nibbling on some strawberries that one of the gnomes had brought in from the garden. She grabs her doll and heads upstairs, just missing Rowan and Tori. She slips quietly into Tannrs room and comes to a dead stop when she sees Marc.

No one sees her at first and she hears Marc telling Tannr in a hushed voice about the battle, who was injured, and something about someone being buried. She can feel Tannrs sadness when the men were talking about someone named Hugh. Her lavender eyes huge she clutches her doll closer. Tannr catches sight of the small movement and smiles.

Following Tannrs gaze, Marc watches as Tara comes closer to the bed and he asks, *“Petit bonjour. Comment vas-tu?

 **“Je vais bien. Je suis venu pour voir mon oncle.” Tara sits on the bed, between the two men who exchange a grin at her possessiveness with her uncle.

She looks from one to the other, “I'm sorry about your friend. So's Tomi and the other kids.”

“Thank you Sweetness.” Tannr pulls the little girl close for a hug. “Do you know where your Tante Tori is?” “Rowans making her eat and take a bath.” Tara wrinkles her nose and the men arent sure if she disapproves of taking baths or thinks her aunt was in dire need of one.

“I have to go. Papan is taking me home soon.” Another hug for her Uncle and she turns to Marc. “Adieu..”

As Tara stands there is a soft knock at the door and Alise enters. “There you are. Papan is almost ready. Your brother is about to burst, he has missed you.” Alsie looks to Tannr and Marc. “I hope she isnt bothering you. Can I get you anything?”

“Shes no bother at all and I am fine. Just tired of this bed.... Tara, will you bring the other kids next time you come to visit?”

Tara nods and giggles. “They all want to see you too, 'specially Tomi...” She looks to her mother as they head towards the door, “Maman, can Uncle Tannrs friend turn into a cat? Uncle Keon can turn into a hound..”

Alise had to stifle the giggle she feels especially after hearing the choking sound coming from Marc as he chokes down laughter. “I dont know ma petite. Lets go ask papan...”

*Hello little one. How are you?

**I am fine. I have come to see my Uncle

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