Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time is of the essence and Keon nods to Stoney as he flips open his cell. The call is short, the phone snapping shut mere moments later. The Dark Lord approaches the women as they work, waiting for the spell to complete.

"Ladies... We need to move Tannr now. if I may offer suggestions? Tori, of course, will carry Tannr. That way she can keep channeling the spell. Stoney will carry Rowan. They can wing the three most crucial people to the infirmary. Star and Pandora, if you will permit K'thyri and myself to follow on our mounts? We will be but moments behind the others."

Keon glances at Ky. "Twill. Give her your tunic. Last thing we need is someone thinking K'thyri needs to be strapped to a gurney too. Let's not upset Mortuis' people more than necessary." He turns to Stoney. "M'Lady Leather has alerted the staff and Gnimaor will be waiting for us. All of Us."  


Stoney answers, not even bothering to recognize the voice. Silk. The Riders call her Mistress Leather. Old habits...

The mental chuckle is weak and Stoney realizes it is Tannr, still linked in Tori's mind. He motions to the women to stand back and helps Tori to her feet. Taking a blanket from supplies one of the wom,en brought, he fashions a sling and uses it to secure Tannr in Tori's arms. He turns to Rowan.

"If you will accept a lift?" The Healer steps close and Stoney scoops her up in his arms. With a great sweep of their wings, and a powerful thrust from their legs, the pair is airborne. Keon holds back a laugh as he turns to hand Star up behind Ky.

Twillon's shirt hangs on the Wyldfae like a short dress. Keon thinks it best not to point that out. Mounting his own steed, Keon offers a hand to Pandora, helping her to swing up behind him. He nods to Twillon, knowing the fair-haired Sidhe would clean up the clearing, leaving no signs of it having been used as a trauma center. He feels the beginning of a spell to erase blood residue as the Fae horses race after the Gargoyles.

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