Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tannr shakes himself, trying to wake, trying to shake the pain, the confusion when he hears Tori scream his name. He looks around, expecting to see her, not the dismal landscape of Underdark. The pain is almost unbearable making each movement agony. He closes his eyes tight, fighting for control of his thoughts.

Marc leans close, worry for his friend and comrade creasing his brow.

“We haf to get 'im outta here. No help to be had for 'im here...” Addley starts to stash his gear and picks up Tannrs sword and axe.

Tannr hears Ob's voice and he mentally clings to the sound, it reminding him of Tori. “Ob... please....” Ob leans closer and Tannr tries to grab the gargoyle but cant raise his arm far enough. “Stop...Tori...dont let her...come here.....” The effort exhausting what little strength Tannr had left, he passes out.

Ob stands with effort, blocking the pain in his shoulder and sends to Stoney... Bro...listen to me....

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