Saturday, June 16, 2012

The men hunker down to wait for the initiates to return to their room. The plan was to barricade the door locking them in as soon as they returned from their meal. It was doubtful any noise they made would be heard, the walls were of thick heavy stones and brick, the door solid oak, at least a foot thick.

Marc and Tannr keep a short distance from the other men, discussing contingencies and their escape. Marc pauses for a moment then asks, “I know its not my business, but why this trip back to get the priest? It sounds like you gave them a hell of a beating when you rescued Tori..”

Tannr pauses, then nods. “Yeah, we did. But there are a couple that got away. And this particular priest...” Tannr shakes his head angrily. “If I can I will strangle him with my bare hands.” Tannr continues in a hushed voice. “Tori has been having these nightmares, not every night, but when she does its really bad. This priest..” Tannr spits the word out... “he was under orders from Ardara not to injure or mar her prisoner in any way. But he's a sadistic bastard. So he sends these 'dreams' to her. They are so realistic she thinks its happening to her, visions of torture, of degradation, of various painful and demeaning ways to die. And she cant wake up from it until the dream is over. She's terrified to sleep, never knowing if one of these dreams or visions will come to her. It needs to end...and it will end with that bastards death.”

Marc rests a hand on Tannrs shoulder, seeing how furious this made him.

“Then theres Ardaras threat to the children. A demifae saw her scrying... I just cant fathom these...these people...whatever they are. I know we have had our own run ins with them, but those were warriors, men used to fighting and torture. But their women are just as bad, if not worse. To even think about capturing women, breeding them to get more gargoyles, and the children....” Tannr shakes his head. “I know I have done things that I am not proud of, terrible things, but not to innocents...”

“You must love her a great deal. You risk much even coming here.” Marc says as he keeps an eye on the temple walkway.

Tannr nods. “I do. More than I ever thought possible. I know its a risk. Ardara would love to capture me and make me pay for rescuing Tori. But that priest has to die, even if I dont make it back out. She cant live forever with these nightmares. It will drive her insane..”

Marc glances back to his long time friend. “Do not worry mon ami. If you go down before the priest I will kill him. Just point him out...”

Addley looks over, his hearing keen, “Yeah.. .just point 'im out Capt'n. One of us will get him if you cant....”

Tannr smiles grimly at the light in Addleys eyes at the talk of killing. He knows if he doesnt make it out, the priest will die anyway, and Tori will be free of the evil that visits her in her sleep.

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