Saturday, June 16, 2012

Three guards are down. Four more are trying to get around Ob when the door behind him opens. A knife whizzes past, burying itself in the throat of one guard, as a sword hacks through another. Ob roars again. the sound loud enough to shake walls.

His mind touches Tannr's. Bout time, hermano! Thought your amigos would like a little fun, so I didn't kill them all. Left some for the rest of you.

There is a whistle from behind them, A piping voice calls, "Draco! Draco! This way! Quickly!"

Ob edges backwards as Tannr's team pick off the guards, There is the sound of more feet in the hall. The child pulls a door wide. "This way. Leads out, can be locked from inside only. Priests use it on secret trips."

Ob looks down at the child. "I told you to get out." The kid grins. "I did. Then the Priest's personal servants came out and ran. I saw more guards come, I come back for you. Come! Hurry!"

Ob slips through, finding the hidden passage more than wide enough. He waits until the others have slipped past him, guards fast on their heels. Andy leans past and tosses something into the hall. He pulls the door shut and the child snaps a lock. There is banging on the other side and he begins to yell.

"Move! Move!"

They are a dozen running steps down the passage when something goes BOOM and the walls shake. Andy laughs merrily as Ob shakes his head.The mercenary shakes dust out of his hair, huge grin on his handsome face.

"One of Lilly's toys?"

The man shakes his head. "Nope. U. S. Military surplus. Good ol' frag grenades. Lilly wouldn't be thrilled if I brought one of her toys without her being here to watch it go boom."

The child moves through the group and shuffles down the hall. it isn't long before a small hand is pressing against the wall. There is a click and something moves. The child peeks out and motions, a finger to its lips signalling silence.

"Clear, but we are just past the Guard's Barracks."

As the others move past, a small hands reaches up and touches Ob's hand.

"I am glad you are real. Now I can die knowing Ghaunt's stories are real."

"You knew Ghaunt?"

The child nods. Ob watches the curly head bob, thinking of Chloe's glistening head of hair.

"Where will you go?"

"Home." The child smiles. "Death always takes you home."

Ob's eyes widen. "You want to die?"

The child's head shakes. The door eases closed behind them with a soft click. Ob looks around, then grabs the child and tosses it onto his back. "Hold tight to my spines." There is the sudden sound of fighting and Ob spreads his wings wide. With a shove from his back legs and a hard sweep of wings, Ob leaps skyward, drawing Allah's Light and his borrowed machete in one smooth move.

Tannr's men move into the guards with practiced ease. Ob watches from above, diving down to give aid where needed. The child yanks on his spines and Ob glances back, seeing guards emerging from the barracks. He lands with a thud, praying his little rider stays safe on his back. One face draws his eyes. With a growl, Ob begins to mow down the Drow in his way. Another sword fights by his side. Which of Tannr's men, he doesn't even look to see. His target is suddenly before him.

The guard looks up at him and laughs. His blade begins to dance, weaving before the dragon. He strikes once, twice, causing sparks to fly. The laughter dies as he strikes again, doing nothing more than chipping away stone dust. Ob flaps his wings, buffeting the guard backwards. Another guard catches him as he nearly trips. Ob smiles.

"I know you, *cabrĂ³n. You tortured my seester every time you could."

The guard narrows his eyes. "The redhaired bitch? I would have given that piece of Human Realm trash the best fuck of her life if the Priestess hadn't wanted her for Lolth. I would have made her scream." He smiles at the thought.

Ob's eyes glitter with ice. "She wouldn't scream for the likes of you. But you... you will scream for me."

A small voice wavers over his shoulder. "He... he was the Priest's favorite. He would force us while the Priest watched. The more we screamed, the more they both liked it..."

Ob growls and begins to sing softly. The tune is guttural and Allah's light begins to glow with a sickly light. Ob thrusts it through the guard's chest as he slices the machete through the other guard's throat. Allah's Light flares and the guard screams. Ob twists the blade. The child on his back shudders, but whispers more of what the guard had done in the Priest's name. Ob slowly withdraws Allah's Light. The guard crumples to the ground, and the child sings.

Magic gathers in a thick cloud. The Other guards fall back, watching not Ob, but the child on his back. The stone dragon backs away, Tannr's man keeping step. Something whips over his head, diving at the guards.

The child calls to Ob. "Go, Go... They will not follow right away. They see ghosts from their pasts... "

Arrows begin to rain among the fighters. Not one of Tannr's men are struck, while Drow fall around them by either stroke of sword or feathered flight. The way is suddenly clear and the team takes advantage of the opening.


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