Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rowan hits the ground running as soon as Stoney lands with her. She shouts back over her shoulder, “Bring Tori and Tannr right to the operating suite...”

Mortuis is waiting, starting the water in the sink for Rowan to scrub in as soon as he sees her.

“I assume this is not a best case scenario...?”

Rowan shakes her head, “You would be assuming correctly, my friend. I will need your help, if you dont mind. And this may take awhile...”

“We will do what we can. Is there anything else we need to see to before we start?”

“We are going to need blood. Erik and Gunnar are on their way. If Silk and maybe one of the sylphs wouldnt mind setting that all up? It would save us some time...”

Mortuis nods and steps into the hall to explain to a sylph what was required and runs into Alise, just arriving with Raina. Alise nods her understanding and with Silk they start assembling the supplies they will need.

Tori is watching Tannr as he lays on the operating table, her face almost as colorless as Tannrs, her eyes betraying her devastation at the extent of the injuries.

Rowan takes a deep breath, pulls on a gown and tells Stoney and Tori to wait upstairs. “This isnt going to be a short procedure I'm afraid... But there is something for you to work with when we are done. Somehow during the battle Marc managed to grab part of a stinger and it looks to have some venom in it...”

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