Sunday, June 17, 2012

Star had been feeling uneasy and agitated all day, the feelings only increasing with the waning day. After supper she left Erk and Keon talking and had stepped outside to get a breath of fresh air feeling closed in and trapped inside the cabin. She scans the treeline and suddenly sees a small shape detach itself from the darkening forest and head quickly towards her.

Ever alert to those evil goblins Star takes a step backwards before she realizes the figure is a demifae, not a goblin.

“Erik!” she calls out as she recognizes Imp. The little fae is exhausted and falls at Stars feet. Erik exits the cabin as Star gently scoops Imp up in her hands.

“Whats happened?” Erik asks, worry plain in his voice.

Imp gasps and takes a few deep breaths. “Tannr. Ky bringing him, not far behind me. Call healer, condition is grave.” Imp pauses, taking another breath then says, “ not let the children see..”

Eriks face goes pale and he races for the phone.

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