Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pandora was taking a break from the kids; sitting in her office going over the tavern books... the business was booming as usual. Having a unique place for the people of otherworlds was  not something to be found around every corner; and the tavern's reputation had spread. Monty had been interviewing people to take over doing some of the cooking... he wanted more time to spend with Ike during the hours she was awake. He would be the morning and lunch cook, and get things laid out for the night help.

Pandora was sipping tea and thinking about where Ob and the others were; when she felt a shudder of repulsion... it was from Ob !! ...immediately she started to panic, then she heard a quiet whisper from Ob. "Bruha, its okay,these damn bugs in underdark are just crawling all over and nasty... believe me; we will not tarry here any longer than we must. I am waiting for the others to return from scouting, didn't realize I was so open to you... relax my little vixen of a witch ."

Pandora felt a soft brush across her cheek as if his lips had gently kissed her.... "I'm  closing my mind tighter; others might feel me too."

With that whisper he was gone... he shut tight his mind to concentrate on the task at hand; and she understood the need... she closed the books on her desk and went downstairs to find the children busy eating fresh cut fruit at the counter. Pandora pulled up a chair to join them and Chloe swiftly fed her a piece of melon... laughing at the juice running down her mother's chin.

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