Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ripples sparkle as the morning sun dances over the surface of the lake. Far below the surface, a slim body glides silently among freshwater seagrass. There is a pause and suddenly Eite breaches the surface, catching the edge of the dock and using it to pull herself out of the water. Ron hands her a towel as she shakes water out of her hair.

"What time is it?"

The fox grins, "Nearly eight. Want coffee?"

Eite nods. Since coming to this realm, she found herself hooked on the bitter brew. "Put a pot of water over for Keon. He'll want tea."

Ron pauses as he steps onto the houseboat's deck. "He's staying at," he pauses, looking around before continuing. "He's staying closer so he can take shifts with the other Fae."

Eite nods. Better to be cautious, one never knows. She wraps the towels around herself and follows her frequent guest. Catching the scent of fresh muffins and coffee, the half Drow's stomache growls. She laughs as Ron brings out a tray and sets it on a blanket on the deck.

"Ron... one day you will make some woman a wonderful wife."

The fox laughs, knowing she said it wrong to make him smile.

"It's ok Eite. I miss her, but I'm not... I'm ok. You do know I come here now so I can teach you how to be one of us, right?"

She grins, blinking her clear lids at him. "I'm not quite one of you." Without looking up, the redhead grins wickedly. "You better get dressed. The others are coming over to work on a project for class."

At the thought of his three best friends, Eite is up and gone, wet towel left behind. He calls after her. "Marc wouldn't care if you hung out nude, but I think Ty and Toby would be more than a little distracted."

The sound of a door slamming shut leaves him laughing.

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