Sunday, June 17, 2012

Raina doesnt even try to hold back the tears as she watches her brother and remembers Rowans words describing Tannrs injuries and the surgery she had performed. She looks to Tori who is crying too, big silent tears.  

Ruptured spleen, blood loss, broken bones, poison.... he should be dead already.... How is ever going to pull through all this?  

And what would Tori do? Go to that stone sleep Alise has talked about? Be a stone gargoyle forever.... Tannr would come back and haunt her, haunt all of us for letting that happen....

The thought of Tannr haunting anyone brings a small grin to Rainas face and she wipes her tears. “”Okay, enough water works. He would be kicking my butt. He is home, has survived this long, the surgery...and everything....” Her voice starts to break and she swallows hard, “He has the best care in the world. Rowan is the best and who better to care for him now, than us? No one loves him more than we do...”

Tori nods her head at Rainas words and wipes her cheeks. She cant sense any of Tannrs thoughts, his mind still dark from all the drugs and trauma. She knew rationally it was best for him to be unaware and asleep right now. She just longed to see him open his eyes, longed to hear 'hey Red', and see his grin, the one that was for her alone.

Raina stands, “I can put the cot over there..” then looks to Tori. “You dont mind if I stay do you?”

“No, of course not. Why would I mind? Help me move this love seat..” Tori and Raina arrange the room, Tori choosing to be as close to Tannr as possible, Raina closer to the door, her habit to guard and wanting to give the couple a little privacy. Alise smiles at the arrangements and sends slyphs for bedding and a meal for the group.

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