Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pandora  hears Ob's words; and she asks for a phone to call the tavern... "Monty, can you and Jeb control things there?... Ob is in bad shape... but insists he sleep his stone sleep where I am; so I am staying here for now. Perhaps Jeb and Roxie could take the children and the nanny to Laila at Stoney and Alise's cottage?? I am sure she could use the help with everyone's attention here right now... you know where I am if you need me."

Pandora didn't want to leave the room; so she mentally soothed Obsidian... "My love, my stone dragon... I am going to stay here so you can go to sleep with the least injury and discomfort... I will be out in awhile to comfort you, I know I am your ears right now." Pandora felt his returning caress; and an echo of pain that escaped his firm control....she suppressed her urge to get up and run to him... she heard Ike's voice... "I have done what must be done for his injuries; I'll watch him for you, until you are able to come... do what needs done Pandora; that is what family does in a crisis."

Silk's voice slipped in to reassure her... "My cooza is strong. Pandora... I will see  that a bed is set up just inside the terrace door so you can see Ob while he rests; and he will know you are there beside him."

Ike's words brought me peace, and I returned to the conversations about Tanner and the fight that were weaving around the room... Rowan's eyes were shadowed; it bothered me that she seemed unsure of the outcome... but who of us had ever imagined a scorpion sting of such magnitude... such was our unsure magical world.

I sat and waited with the others; waited  for some sign that Tanner would make it... that we would not have to try and stop a grieving Tori from destroying herself .

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