Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tannr edges closer to the temple, keeping an eye on Addley, making sure he doesnt start a blood bath just for shits and giggles. He sees several Drow move down an open hallway of sorts and head inside. The smell of roasting meat makes Tannrs stomach growl before a heavy wooden door is slammed shut.

Not that I would touch anything that came from this godforsaken hell hole.... 

Watching silently Tannr starts to wonder about the room or area of the temple the men had left in their hurry to get to their meal. He gets Addleys attention and the pair moves towards the walkway. The stones are slippery and damp, like everything else in Underdark and the smell even here in a temple is almost overpowering. The added stench from incense that swirls and moves as if alive almost makes Tannr gag. The priests incense was not made to appeal to Drow or human. Spider pheromones along some other equally nasty ingredients was thought to bring favor with Lolth.

They dont meet a soul on their silent trek down the corridor and through a heavy door at the end. The room is dark and musty, like everything else. Tannr feels his way along a damp wall until his eyes grow accustomed to the dim light. He looks to Addley and sees him grin, teeth gleaming white in the darkness. Tannr follows the mans gaze to a darker spot on the far wall. Squinting, Tannr finally makes out what has Addley grinning. A row of pegs and on each peg a dark robe hanging from its hood.

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