Sunday, February 26, 2012

It was late when they reached the tavern; and Ob put Chloe to bed while Pandora tucked Teri in his crib; he had suckled on their way home, so would sleep until dawn.

Pandora reached the bedroom first and slipped into a soft gown of gauzy fabric that molded to her body and was almost transparent... she had made preparations in advance and had a cobalt bowl of still water sitting on a table at the terrace door. Advancing across the room she lit the candles on the table; throwing a soft light on the table with its bowl and greenery of holly and pine. The room smelled of Yule and the nights festivities swam in her mind.

Obsidian had made this place his home with his fellow gargoyles, and his love for her and their children; but she knew there were times when he missed the desert and the tribe where he had spent his childhood. Tonight she hoped to bring some memories to life for his gift.

Ob had slipped in soundlessly as he often did,and he slid his hands around her waist... surprised at how quickly she had regained her shape after Teri's birth.

Pandora turned beneath his hands murmuring.."I have a gift for you,and then I want you to make love to me, my husband". She led him to the table and he stood behind her as she began murmuring a spell; taking  needles from the pine to drop onto one of the burning candles... its pungent smell filling the air....

Pandora bent now over the bowl,her hands fanned out as she moved them over the surface of the water... and the water seemed to ripple... and then stilled... and she glanced on a desert scene within the water; and slipping her hand into Obs, she drew him forward and stepped aside,that he might look into the bowl's depths. Ob was still for moments, just staring; then he looked up briefly into her eyes... "Bruha, I could ask for no better gift than this glimpse of the rest of my family" ...he turned back to stare into the bowl, and as he was immersed in memories, Pandora saw tears at the corners of his eyes... she pretended not to notice, for Josephito would never admit to that weakness... but she knew she had truly touched his heart.
Ob stood for long minutes looking... then when he knew it was time, he took a finger and moved it through the water... erasing the scene from the bowl; although she knew it would burn in his mind long after.

"Pandora, my bruha... you knew that family was on the minds of all tonight; and already you planned this for me." She smiled up at him tenderly and he read the love in her eyes... and brought his lips down to kiss her, a kiss tender, and then increasingly demanding... a kiss of possession, for he loved her fiercely; and times such as this made him aware how in tune to each other they truly were.

Ob's hands went around her and he lifted her into his arms; Pandora threading a hand into his long locks of multi-colored hair as he carried her to the bed... their kisses increasing in ardor as he stroked her through the thin gown. Pandora lay upon the bed looking up at Ob,his strong build; the fire in his eyes as he removed his clothing... his manhood springing up, already wanting her. "Tonight I give you a gift too, my love"... and he lifted her gown off her and stroked his large hands over her body, he was incredibly tender tonight; kissing the paths his hands had stroked until he reached her breasts... he cupped them gently; stroking the nipples with his thumbs... until they were so erect small drops of milk welled on their tips... he bent and licked them from the tips, then took one in his mouth and suckled gently while kneading the other... until Pandora began to squirm beneath his touch... her hips lifting toward him with a will of their own.

Ob chuckled,and began to kiss his way down her body... his hands trailing sensations behind them as he moved ever down toward her hips... and his hands slipped between her thighs and parted them... stroking along the insides of her legs, ever closer to her nether lips... and then one large hand pressed upon her mound; the thumb stroking circles round her clit... eliciting a moan from Pandora that told him she was excited... and he slid a finger in her cunt, then another... working them in and out, curving his fingertips to rub against that most tender of spots inside her vagina. Ob liked watching her face,the ecstasy that flitted across the surface of her features as he pleasured her....

He kept his hand on her mound, pressure on the throbbing clit... while with his other hand he slid beneath her buttocks and lifted her off the bed and closer to his bending face... he thrust his tongue into her hole, moist with her juices... and shoved it farther... drawing it out to thrust again ... while the thumb of the hand balancing her buttocks began to press against her anus... she squirmed at this, and moaned again... he knew this made her hotter. Ob's thrusts with his tongue grew faster and harder as she began to toss her head on the pillow... she was ready to cum... and he pushed harder until his thumb moved into her anus... and she climaxed... juices filling his mouth and chin as he licked her cunt dry... listening to her soft mewling sounds of ecstasy....

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