Sunday, February 26, 2012

Later that same evening, Tannr is helping Tori close her shop for the evening. He can sense her thoughts, making mental lists of things that need to get done, people she wants to talk to and wondering if Star knew how to get hold of Chiara. The scarves she had made for the shop sold out in a couple of days and several local women had been in to ask about them.

Tannr grins, then his thoughts turn more serious, and he tries to cover his tentative plans to go to Underdark and kill a certain Drow guard. He is worried about Tori and how she would react to that news and wonders if Ike would be able to keep her distracted with wedding plans or something so she doesnt worry so much.

“Why does Ike need to distract me?” Tori lifts her head from the books wondering what Tannr was thinking of. She gets a quick glimpse of Underdark before Tannr can chase the image from his mind.

“Underdark? Tannr, whats going on?” Tori lays her pen down carefully and Tannr can detect the slight edge of fear to her voice. Not many others would have noticed it, but the memories of what happened there still cause some very real fear for Tori. “Tell me, you arent doing a very good job at hiding it....”

Tannr sighs and drags a chair close to Toris. “I think I need to go there. That guard needs to die for what he did to you and I doubt if he will come here, not after the ass kicking we gave them...”

“No! I dont want you to go... Tannr... please... That race is evil.. I know Star thinks there has to be some good ones, but really Ghaunt was the only one. The rest are.... “ Tori shudders and closes her eyes and Tannr sees some of what she is so frightened of.

“Tori... Red... come here...” Tannr lifts her easily and carries to the sofa and sits with her on his lap, scarlet spiky hair resting on his chest.

Knowing they have to talk but not wanting to upset her Tannr is content to just hold her, the sound of heart close to his comforting. “Have you given any thought to the wedding? Do you even want one?”

Tori smiles softly knowing Tannr is trying to distract her by changing the subject. This would irritate her to no end if it were anyone else. “Just a little. If we wait until spring or summer and do something outside, all the street kids would come...”

Tannr nods and grins, knowing how important they were to Tori. “Sounds fine to me. I told you to do whatever you wanted.... but Red? We do need to talk about something. I am going to Underdark... I have to... “ He raises a hand to Toris face as she starts to say something. “Shh... hear me out, please.”

Tori lowers her head and slowly nods.

“I want to be with you forever... I plan on being with you forever. I want you to feel safe and happy, I want children, a long and loving relationship with the woman I love. I dont want this between us... I cant bear to see the fear in your eyes, in your thoughts at times. Some of this is normal after what you went through. Stoney says Alise still has nightmares on occasion. I understand as a warrior how this kind of experience makes you doubt yourself, your decisions. You start to second-guess yourself, you see enemies in every shadow... it happens to all of us, Red.” Tannr wipes a tear making its way down Toris cheek. “Ask my sister, your brothers. It doesnt mean you are weak or somehow less strong because you are a woman. Next to my sister you are the strongest person I know, I love and respect that about you... but I dont want us to start our life together with this unresolved. I want it taken care of, over and done with before it festers any longer, in either of our minds...”

Tori can hear her brothers, both in agreement. Listen to your man, chica, he does this from love for you...and the family he wants with you....

Tori nods slowly, knowing and understanding where Tannr was coming from, just not very happy about the fact that he would be gone and she wouldnt be able to go with him. Not with that bitch Ardara just waiting to get her hands on a gargoyle.

“When?” she asks.

“Soon... I have to talk to my brother and Keon and get a message to my men. If they arent fighting on the borders I am sure they would be willing to help. A few of them have their own grudges against the Drow that they might want to settle..”

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