Monday, February 27, 2012

Pandora was feeling like she needed to do something for the group about to depart. She knew they were physically protected, but decided to weave a spell of protection to send along. She went looking for Chloe; she was feeling left out; while Mera and Ru went on an adventure to the fae world... maybe if she helped Pandy with the spell she would feel special again.

Chloe was downstairs in the private room playing with her doll; Teri seemed sensitive to activity while trying to sleep and her presence in the nursery sometimes kept him awake... so she had taken to playing with her dolly there. "Chloe; want to help mama weave a spell to protect all those going to the fae realm?" The excitement on her daughter's face was unmistakeable, Pandora took her hand and led her upstairs to her private study. "First we must gather some magic herbs from the garden" she picked up her shears Chloe was already out the door into the night..skipping through the garden with Absynthe darting above. It was a beautiful calm night, and Pandora stood a moment drawing in the fragrance of the many growing plants... their presence soothing to her soul.

 Pandora sought out the sage, Rosemary... pulled a few leaves from the potted Bay tree... and once back inside; picked through her jars to extract a few clove stars. "Now we're ready".... Pandora made her sacred circle with Chloe standing close by her side; and then began to drop the herbs into her small cauldron... when they were bubbling enough to fragrance the room; Pandora began her spell. Chloe was fascinated and mimicked her mother's motions... even trying to remember the words as they left Pandora's lips. When the spell was cast Chloe could actually see the essence rise from the cauldron and drift out the open terrace door....

"Mama, will I be a witch too, and cast spells.?" Pandora was surprised and amused at her daughter's question. 'Chloe, you have much of your papa in you... that we know, what you get from me is still to be discovered. When you are a little older we will see if you still want to learn. Magick is not something to be played with; you must wait to learn properly." Chloe seemed happy with the answer; and found her way back down the stairs with Absynthe on her shoulder. A stop in the kitchen left Absynthe snacking on fruit bits... while Chloe went in search of her doll, she wanted to tell her all about what she learned.

"Dolly, mama did a spell today... you be good, and I will be mama and show you just how it is done." Chloe propped the doll carefully in the chair  and set to work... she mimicked the drawing of the circle, repeating the chosen words... and set about dropping herbs in her pretend pot, while murmuring the words her mother had used to cast the spell. She threw her arms open in a dramatic gesture in the air when she was done... giving dolly quite the show.

Chloe paused; the room was quiet for a moment, and then she felt the stirring in the air... the magick spell! she had actually done it... but it was not drifting off as mama's had done... it kept bumping up against the ceiling... and whirling about the room. Something is wrong... something is wrong with mama's spell.... Chloe's eyes tear as she feels the spell moving about her... the one that cast it... unable to go where she intended... she had no way of knowing the wards that protect the tavern would not let it pass; for she did not have her mother's presence and intent to send it through the wards... it was trapped within the tavern.

 Chloe is panicking a little; she can feel the power... and doesn't know what to do... she gathered dolly and went upstairs to the nursery... glancing behind her... hoping she would leave the spell behind... but as she left the confines of the small room the power seemed to grow; at least she felt it growing... and it soon wove its way around the ceiling of the nursery. Teri was awake; and Chloe went to him and began playing... hoping the spell would disappear. The nanny seemed unaware of the power Chloe felt; if she felt anything she would attribute it to the house wards. Teri held his hand up in the air... so he felt its magick too.

Chloe was growing fearful; it just wouldn't go away... and mama would be so mad, she had told her not to play at magick... to wait till she was old enough to understand.... Tears started to flow in earnest down her cheeks as she watched the ceiling....

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