Sunday, February 26, 2012

Inari gone, Keon watches the darkness lost in thought. He smiles as he feels a familiar presence in the area of the porch.

"Come to tell me to go after her?"

A gravelly chuckle blends with the peace of the night. "Nope. You Fae are... *exaspérant. I have enough problems understanding mon Chaton and ^mes soeurs. Actually, I want to ask you about something brought to my attention."

The gargoyle moves silently, not surprising when you consider he has been hiding among humans for over two centuries. Keon falls into step beside him and the two men walk a bit in silence.

Long minutes pass before either speak, and then only when they are far enough from the house that none would overhear. Stoney pauses, looking up at the moon. "You gifted mes enfants in Fae tradition. I see them growing into their gifts. Except Grace." He turns to face the Dark Lord, expression somber. "Is something wrong with ~mon plus jeune, Keon? Or is she going to be... will she be human?"

The Dark Fae smiles. "There is nothing wrong with being human, Re'mi." He holds up a hand to stop Stoney before he speaks. "But, no. I think she has a gift. Erik and Tannr noticed something in the way she responds to others." He taps a finger against his lips, then asks an odd question. "Does Grace make up languages when she plays?"

Stoney grins. "All the children do. Tomas and Tara often sing odd syllables to make Grace laugh. Why?"

"Do me a favor. Tape them next time. I just want to listen to the little ones. Don't worry Stoney. Your child is a bonnie bit of joy. Her name fits her well. Even at such a tender age, hardened warriors cannot resist her sweetness. I have seen some of my most grim men soften at the flash of her smile or the sound of her laughter."

He claps a hand on Stoney's shoulder, 'Fear not mate. I think her gift is a bit more subtle than the other children. Let's get back before someone comes looking for us."

The Gargoyle's focus drifts and Keon smiles, knowing he must have touched his wife's mind. "C'mon mate. Let's go back inside."

The Fae Lord whistles and Trooper lopes out of the darkness. As the trio mounts the porch steps, Keon taps the edge of the roof. Pike flips down, dropping onto the railing as Wish peeks over the edge. Moments later the two are gone from sight, leaving behind nothing but their merry laughter. Stoney and Keon share a grin and open the door to the sound of children screeching.

^my sisters
~my youngest

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