Monday, February 27, 2012

"They are young ones."

Heads turn and Eite tugs her hood closer, hiding in its shadow. "They were boys. Not yet of the Warrior class. Among... among the Drow there is a prophecy. It speaks of an outsider who bears the marks of Bal-Char, and the changes that come to those whose lives touch hers." She turns to stare at the spot where the two had disappeared. "There is no doubt they will not follow Adara. I would not be surprised to find more of the younger ones seeking you out."

Erik frowns at the thought, wary eyes searching among the trees. Eite points at a low branch. A small creature hangs from the branch, watching the group intently. It spies Erik's gaze turned on it and scrambles back up, hiding in the leaves. Keon laughs.

"They just want to see the Lady and Her Warrior, and their son. You represent great hope."

Eite nods. "It seems we have become a Procession. The Unseelie have joined us as well."

She nods to a darker spot. A Hag stands in the darkness, cloak held close around her skeletal form. Beside her stoops a creature seemingly constructed of branches and vines. The eyes are cold and flat. It rises under their scrutiny and bows.

Keon bows in return. The shadow kitten in Star's arms hisses. The creature cocks its wooden knot of a head. It opens a slash of a mouth filled with sharp splinters for teeth.

Keon holds up a hand, palm outward. "Peace, Wood Sprite. Your kind is welcome in the Company as long as no malice is dealt."

The Wood Sprite bows, dropping to a crouch beside the Hag. Its eyes never leave the kitten, watching it carefully.

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