Sunday, February 26, 2012

All the children were chasing after Tannr, trying to bring him to the floor. Tori shook her head, laughing. It was a good thing to see, to feel. All too often her thoughts have been somber and hidden from the others. Her eyes met Stoney's and she grinned.

"He is such a kid at times. Sometimes I thi..." Her words are broken off abruptly as the twins change tactics and tackle her instead. The fiery redhead lands on her back, and as limber as she is, finds herself covered with children before she can move. Little fingers tickle, only to find themselves tickled in turn. As she starts to extricate herself, Tannr holds her shoulders down. Her first reaction is to go still. Tannr's mind touches hers, easing the fear of being held, reminding her that it is only playtime with the kids. She mentally breathes deep. Her eyes meet his and the small flames of panic subside, leaving her eyes shining emeralds.

Stoney puts an arm around Alise and pulls her close. His thoughts touch hers, rich with the tears he closes off from his sister. He has given her back herself... Tannr is her hope, just as you are mine. Alise's smile is answer enough and Stoney sends the vision of the children's attack on Tori to Ike, Ob, and Pandora.

It takes a moment for Stoney to realize Grace has disappeared from the squirming group of children. He reaches out to touch her thoughts. Touching lightly, he listens to her crooning softly.

Shhh, it's ok... they is playing. She pauses as if listening to something. Tomi gots wings, yep he flies. Tara feels peeples feelings. Ru's part elf, so's Mer. But her momma was a...a... water lady. She pauses again and Stoney feels the sensation of soft fur under her fingers.

Looking around, he spies his youngest sitting in a corner of a chair with a dark ball of fur in her lap. Keon is right behind her, watching without obviously watching. The Fae nods, barely, in his direction.Star is watching also. A small smile curves her dainty lips.

Lobo leaves off romping with the others to investigate what occupies Grace. As her nose moves closer to sniff, a small set of claws lashes out. Instead of making contact, Grace's tiny hand has caught the paw. no no... Lobo is friend. Tante Star took you in. Lobo too. You make friends. The tiny claws disappear, slipping back into their sheaths. Lobo pauses, watching carefully. Grace lifts the kitten and places her close to Lobo. The two regard each other carefully. The kitten backs up when Lobo nudges closer, but doesn't become vicious. A few moments later it touches its nose to the wolf's. The wolf snorts and the kitten shakes from the sneeze. Lobo lopes off to join the others and Grace pets the dark fur. Good Kitty. See Lobo is... Lobo. There is a sigh. You needs a name. Stoney breaks off listening, never hearing his daughter's next question. You gots one? If you don't Tante Star can think of one, she's good at that. If you gots one, tell her so she knows, 'kay?

The kitten purrs softly, a rumble of sound, and climbs carefully back on the child's lap for more stroking. Stoney watches Grace smile and nod when the kitten bumps her hand with its tiny head. Her fingers stroke over glistening fur, finding the perfect spot between the little cat's ears.

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