Monday, February 27, 2012

Pandora woke with the formation of a plan in her mind. She sought out Monty and discussed her idea while eating breakfast and gulping down hot coffee.

If she was to teach her daughter the magical arts; it was good that she would have Ike as a student as well... Tori even might set in on a session.  Pandora thought the best idea was to work on one aspect of the art starting with the basic concepts. She thought since it needed to be in the evening; it might be good to work in the attic upstairs... less chance of distractions... and an open window through which random mistakes could be sent with little consequence.

Pandora grinned again as she realized her daughter had inherited her powers. Ike having them materialize showed that they could manifest at any time. Monty was bringing the books she inherited from her mother up to the room, where she was wiping them down and placing them in a bookcase. Monty had placed a couple of comfy armchairs in the room with a small table;and a child's chair for Chloe... even though she knew most likely the child would be in her lap or Ike's.

There was lots of room to move about to do the rituals when they got to that time... but there was much to learn. She decided once a week they should sit and work on lessons; then they could practice what they learned

Traeger said when they got to the stage of working on spells he would join them for some lessons; partly to impart knowledge, and partly to help thwart any mis-intended energy from getting out of control.

Pandora stood back after the room was done and thought it did look like a learning place... and went back down  to the nursery to gather Chloe and Teri for a walk in the garden. She would begin showing Chloe the magical herbs and explaining some of their uses.

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