Sunday, February 26, 2012

There is the soft sound of humming coming from the galley as Keon steps onto the deck. The sound fades away as the Dark Lord eases open the door. He knows she is listening to the sound of his step. Keon hides a smile. The whisper of her steps betrays her position, but this time it is so silent he has barely heard it. He spies her reflection in the dark windows of the small livingroom. In her hands are a pair of his kitchen knives, held in a warrior's grip. He smiles and softly calls her name.

"Eite. Still Water, little one."

One knife lowers, the other remains held at ready. "What walks in the shadows?"

Keon smirks. Eite was the one to demand the code. "Blackthorns and Lost Dreams."

Eite smiles and moves back into the galley. "Welcome home Keon. I made cookies."

He breathes deep, taking in the sweet scent of chocolate and cinnamon. Eite pours them each a cup of coffee, handing him the cups before taking a plate of the cookies into the living room. He settles in a chair as she curls up on the couch.

"Eite, it looks like I am going to be away for a couple of days. Star has planned a trip into Faery to honor Ghaunt's memory."

The cookie pauses halfway to Eite's mouth. "Ghaunt? Adara's servant?"

Keon nods. "He was the Drow who helped us fight free from Underdark."

Tears well in Eite's eyes. She blinks quickly, trying to banish them, but a thin stream wends its way down her cheeks. "Ghaunt is gone?"

Keon sets his mug down and moves to kneel beside Eite. He takes the cookie from her fingers, engulfing her now empty hand in his. "I take it you knew him."

She nods slowly. "Ghaunt hid his true thoughts, but he watched out for the ones that were... nothing." She raises her eys to Keon. "He made sure I had food when my mother died. I never saw him without his hood raised. I never saw his face." She wipes at her tear streaked face with her free hand. "What will happen to those left behind?"

"Another will rise to take his place. One that no one would suspect."

Worry suddenly widens her eyes and she covers her mouth. "What about his woman? I heard Ghaunt found a mate. Did she make it out too?"

Keon smiles gently. "The woman who posed as his intended is safe. Do not fear for her. It is better if we do not speak of her part in the rescue."

She shakes her head. "I can't believe he is gone. Is it possible... do you think I could... tag?... along?"

He squeezes her hand gently. "I can but ask, lass. Let me call my brother and check with them. I warn you though, it is bound to attract attention. We will have to disguise you."

Eite raises a slim, pale blue-grey hand, touching her shorn locks. A faint smile crosses her lips. "For Ghaunt, I would dye my hair and bleach my skin."

Keon flips open his cell and places the call.

Erik answers on the first ring. Erik assures them Star has no problem with Eite joining the trip. Star is busy going over her daily routine for the animals, even though Tannr already knows it well. Keon smiles. They are her babies, he well understands. When he hangs up, the Dark Lord leads Eite to his room.

"Let's see what can be done to disguise you."

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