Tuesday, October 4, 2011

There is no mistaking the happy squeals of children. The joyous sound tugs at his heart, bringing a smile to his lips. He stops in the trees, watching as the kids splash, his Mera so obviously in her true element. He makes no sound, watching as a ball comes rolling his way.

Star's little foundling chases after it. It stops just shy of Keon's feet. As the boy reaches for the ball, he suddenly stills, eyes traveling upwards.  Keon watches the wary expression that shrouds the pale blue eyes. The shock of unkempt hair was damp, even though he looked as if he hadn't gone in the water. The boy backs away slowly, coming to a stop only when he is in full sunlight. His gaze never leaves Keon. There is a screech and a pale blue body darts past the boy. The young one instinctively reaches out to stop Mera. He watches, stunned as the little girl throws herself at the Dark Fae. Keon catches her easily and swings his dark haired beauty into the air.

"Da!!!!!!!!!" She squeals again and he hugs her close. She pushes back and stares behind him. "You no bringed her."

Keon tells her no, Eite did not come along. She was resting at the houseboat. Mera pouts until Keon whispers in her ear. The little girl throws her arms around his neck and hugs him tightly. Setting her on her feet, The Dark Lord lets her lead him towards the others. The boy steps backwards again, beach ball help tightly in his arms. Keon stoops down, putting himself on eye level with Star's orphan.  The child doesn't move.

"I am Keon. What is your name?"

The child says nothing. His wide eyes follow every move. "He don't talk, daddy. Tomi calls him Robin." Mera steps away from Keon, holding a hand out to Robin. The boy clutches it tightly and moves slightly behind Mera. "Robin, this is my daddy." The boy whispers something and Mera stiffens. She turns and stares at the boy, her face slowly. "No. My daddy is Sidhe, not a Drow." Her lower lip pushes out, defiance in her stance.

"Mera, *Ghealach Beag..." She turns at Keon's soft words. "I know what he thinks I am. I do look like one of the people he fears."

Tears course down her cheeks. "You not bad, daddy! You good!"

He wipes away the tears with a corner of his cloak. "Some people do not see me the way you do. Also little one, Robin comes from a place not like here. He has not been able to play like you can. He has never had the freedom you have. I expect you to watch out for him,"

Still stooping on his heels, Keon is knocked off balance by two small missiles screaming his name. Grace and Tara lie on him laughing. Robin stares in fascination, edging just a little closer, still trying to stay just out of reach.

Tomas hovers just above them, chattering away. He begs Keon for another sword lesson as Ramji has been busy lately. The young Gargoyle points at Robin and insists that he needs to learn as well. Keon laughs, leveraging himself up, "Alright Tomas! I will do what I can. Now let me rise and start my day!"

Giggling, the children run back to the fountains, Robin trailing behind, half watching Keon as he walks behind him.

*Little Moon

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