Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Light brown curls shimmer golden when glistening against the ebony blue of his own daughter's wavy moptop in the dim room. Nearly invisible in the dark room, Keon's smile is like a sudden touch of moonlight on a starless night. Silk stands by his side watching Grace and Mera sleep, a soft smile curving her own lips.

Her words are hushed, the rolling cadence of her accent betraying her exhaustion. "Beautiful gairrrls. 'Tis the firrst trrue sleep the leetle ones arre getting. Did you know, *Mi Perro, The cheeldrren made picturres of the... rrescue misseeon?"

Keon raises a dark brow, "Since our return?"

"No. As eet vas happening. Yurrr daughteer hopes you saved the "Blue Voman"? She vants to meet the voman weeth skeen like hers." At the worried look that flicks through Keon's eyes, Silk lays a hand gently on his arm. "No. She just vonders if she could be a distant relative." Slik laughs softly. "A cooza of her motheer perhaps."

Keon heaves a small sigh, then shakes his head. "With everything going on since we got back, I fergot all about checking on Eite. Fea was going to take her to the boathouse." Raising her fingertips to his lips, Keon asks sweetly. "May I impose upon yer hospitality fer just a wee bit longer. 'Tis not fair ta leave Eite in ta company o' strangers."

Pale fingers caress pitch toned skin. "She sleeps sweetly. She wakes.. I tell her papa weel be back as soon as the blu voman ees settled weeth friends, si?" She cups his face, bringing his dark gaze up to meet her own. "Go Perro. Yourr leetle vone is safe here."

Keon kisses Silk's pale fingers and moves quickly from sight. The Huntress chuckles softly and tells the sleeping girls. "Twould ha' been verra dramateek an he had a grand cape ta tvirl about heem. Sleep vell leetle vones."

Once on the Shadow Paths, Keon whistles. A thunder of hooves precedes the arrival of his coal black steed. Launching himself into the saddle, Keon races toward the boathouse that has become his sanctuary, and thar for a select few others.  Crossing back into the Human Realm the dark Lord is greeted by laughter and a cookout in full swing. Fea meets him as his foot comes down on the wood of the dock.

She grins up at the tall Fae Lord, handing him a beer. "Ron and his mates were having a bit of a hang out when we got here. They took Eite from me and bustled her t' meet Guunnar." The wrinkled crone rolls her eyes and cackles merrily. "Wait till ye see the great hulking oaf..."

There is a loud splash, followed by loud laughter. The pair strolls to join the party. Guunnar dwarfs a large grill station that Keon had never seen before. Riders and Mers mingle with Murdhuachans and Shifters. Eite sits in a wicker chair blushing at Guunnar's teasing.

Keon hides a smile as Ron looks up. The scowl on the Dark Lord's face has the fox hurrying over.

"It just happened, Keon. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to let it turn into this. It was just the guys and I, then Guunnar and Twillon. Next I know there is a grill and then Mer Cronigh brought Eite. The Water Folk were just suddenly - "

Keon laughs, cutting through Ron's rush of words. "It's ok lad. This sometimes happens after a hard battle."

Guunnar joins them, tugging Eite in his wake. Keon shakes his head at the chef apron tied across Guunnar's massive form.  "Truly Guunnar? Kiss the Cook? Are ye reduced to beggin lasses for affection?"

Guunnar grins "Vatever vorks, mein freund. Could have vone made dat read ^Pogin Mo Thon." He grins crookedly. "Dis vone..." He points at the message, "Dis vone ist gut fur mich."

Eite moves closer, stepping out of the way of someone behind her. Guunnar grins down, as she edges slightly forward. "Und dis vone... ve chust make her feel velcome, ja?"

Eite leans close to Keon murrmurring, "The party was going on when we got here..."

Keon smiles. "Where that Viking goes, parties just happen." He winks at Eite. "Ye'll get used t' him. We have."

Guunnar laughs. "I tink it vas udder vay aroundt Bro." He hands Keon a beer. "Trink! To making it trough anudder day!" He turns and shouts to someone on the boat's deck, shouldering his way through the loud group.

"OY! Ve got any Cheese Puffs left?"

*My Hound

^Kiss My Ass

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