Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Raina starts to doze after talking to her brother. She has questions but her mind or her mouth wont cooperate with actually giving voice to her thoughts. When she opens her eyes, Alise is sittng on the bed whispering something in French. Raina tries to vocus on the vision in front of her.

“It's an angel..”

Laughing Alise says, “No, its me and I doubt if anyone would say I am an angel.”

Reaching out and running her fingers through the long unbound tresses Raina whispers, “Alise... you were here earlier... with Nick....”

Alise nods, “I was.”

Tannr bursts through the door with K'thyri, relief plain on his face. He leans over the bed and kisses Raina on the head. “Hi sis... Hows the head?”

“Hurts.... Tori?”

“Resting... in stone. She has some pain, and is pretty weak...”

“Go... go back to her.. I cant stay awake... drugs....” Rainas voice starts to fade and she cant keep her eyes open.

Tannr nods, kisses her again. Ky decides to stay with Raina and the group gets ready to head to their rooms. Alise takes Rainas hands in hers, “Ma souer, we will talk later... I love you..”

Raina tries to smile, her reactions slow and her words starting to slur. “I love you too...”

Alise smiles as she stands, and Raina is fast asleep before the group even leaves the room....

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