Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The meal was almost finished; Chloe ate like a normal child... distracted by everything around her, but finally watching her father coax Teri to taste things, made her want to participate and show her papa she liked lots of things too. Pandora smiled... this was just the first of small rivalries she would encounter with her brother.

Teri had indeed grown; enough to surprise even Obsidian when he returned... he looked several weeks older rather than the week old he was. Ob could clearly see his mind was well advanced as well, and he started right in talking to him as if he understood his every word... and Kaltero's intense stare back convinced Pandora there was definitely communication and learning going on in the babe's head.

Members of the close knit community kept drifting by to ask Ob how Tori and the others were faring... and all seemed pleased that Tori was on the road to recovery. The couple that had assisted by being Star and Eriks doubles, were sitting down to dine; their work done, and a good meal due them for their efforts.

Traeger came in and slide in next to Ob... "I hear they are bringing weapons to the shop to be examined and spelled?"... Ob filled him in on the cache of weapons they obtained from the Drow battle and Traeger said "Guess my helpers will be learning something new from me, how to handle and disarm enchanted weapons... should be an interesting venture. Mortuis filled me in... so I reluctantly bid Rowan goodbye and came back to prepare." Traeger leaned over and admired his grandson, the child seemed to know who he was... and cooed at him while staring intently into his eyes.

"I swear if the child's vocal chords were mature enough he would be telling me something now." Ob grinned at him with an expression of pride. "He is talking to you man; but you haven't the psychic gift enough to hear him... he has been talking to us since before he left the womb." Pandora nodded her head.."Even Chloe hears him dad.... and the other children with Gar blood."

Traeger smiled back at the couple and his wondrous grandchildren..."'tis going to be an exciting time, watching my grandchildren grow; but I doubt there is going to be anything normal about it." They all laughed as Chloe clambered up on Traeger's lap, eager to be the center of his attention... and he obliged her by commencing to tickle her till her giggles filled the air around them....

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