Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tannr smiles as he feels Tori listening to the children trying to convince Alise to let them play in the water longer.

“But maman....”

“No buts Tomas....you have been in the fountains all day and are wrinkled as an old man. It is time for supper...” Alise rounds up the girls, but Tomas and Robin are stalling as much as they can.

“Do I have to get your father?”

Tannr can feel Tori grinning as Tomas sends, No maman, we are coming...

“Hey Red... I could ask Alise about having supper here... then you listen to the kids a little longer... unless you are too tired...” Tannr was still concerned about Tori wearing herself out, even in stone.

Oh yes... that would be great. Can you ask Alise?

Tannr went in search of Alise and found her downstairs, trying to get the kids all talked into changing out of swimsuits. She turns at Tannrs approach and smiles. “Hello! Can you grab a child please? Just pick one...” Alise laughs. “They are so wound up after playing in the water all day. You would think they would be worn out..”

“Maman... Robin hungry...” Tomas looks serious as if the boy had not eaten all day.

Tannr smiles at the chaos. “Tori wanted me to ask if the family could have supper on the balcony or in our room if you think its too chilly. She has enjoyed listening to them play.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea...” Alises words are stopped by Stars approach carrying Ru.

“Can I join you? Erik is going to help Nick get Raina home and Rowan is checking some of the injured Riders.”

The arrangements made and the kids under control although excited to be near Tante Tori and stopping for a visit with Tante Raina before she goes, Tannr returns to Tori.

You should rest while you can, elskan min, the kids are excited... Tannr lets his love flow over Tori and sends images of him holding her close.

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