Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The door opens and Star steps into the hall, Ruarc sleeping peacefully in her arms. Erik pulls the door shut behind them and the trio turns to head downstairs. Pike and Wish step into their path, barring the way. Holding his arms out, Pike waits until the baby is nestled in his arms. Wish lightly touches the couples' arms and mutters a few words. The Doppelganger spell dissolves, leaving behind a petite blonde werewolf and her large brawny mate. The baby changes as well. What remains in Pike's arms is a golem, a construct of wood and magick, which had been spelled to mimic Ruarc.

"Yer volunteering is greatly appreciated. 'Twas a diversion necessary t' smuggle the Lady Star beyond the Darkling's borders. May we call upon thee again, an the need arises?"

The large were grins. "Just tell us where and when, little Wyldthing."

Pike laughs. "We ha' arranged for a steak dinner. Monty needs only know yer preference in preparations." He shakes their hands and a demifae zips forward to take their choice to the kitchen. As the couple descends to the bar, Wish pulls a bubble around herself and Pike.

"Home or our Lady and Lord?"

Pike grins, mischief lighting the oft solemn eyes. "I believe The Lady is safely guarded at the manse. Our Lord is among people who will ensure his safety as well as we can." He takes Wish's hand and raises it to his lips. Brushing a kiss gently across her knuckles, Pike's breath warms more then the flesh of her hand. "I vote for home and some privacy for ourselves."

Her eyes smoulder, burning into his. "Then home it is..."

Pike steps into her, sliding his arms around her waist. His hands explore her back, tugging one sleeve to bare her shoulder, as they disappear from sight.

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