Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The night was well advanced before Ob got back to the tavern with Chloe; and Pandora had given Teri to his father, so Ob could spend some time connecting ..while she took her drowsy daughter upstairs and tucked her in. Ob filled her in on the battle; and Pandora felt the hair on the back of her neck raise as she realized just how dangerous the rescue and escape had been. That they had as few casualties as they did was a miracle... that Gaunt was lost was tragic to her... he had given up so much to help rescue Tori; and in the end made the ultimate sacrifice for his newfound friends. She had met him only briefly as the rescue had been planned; but she felt his gentle and giving nature.

Now the sun had risen on a new day; she held Teri on her lap, he cooed as Chloe held a crystal dangling on a chain in front of hm... his eyes following the colors that spayed across the walls as the sun reflected through its prisms. Ob had taken his place on the terrace right outside the doors as the sun began to ease over the horizon... Pandora wished he could have been with her longer; but now that he was back, hopefully he would be at her side each night to hold her as she slept. She hoped for his sake... and the other gars; that Tori might awaken from her stone sleep soon to join them.

A knock on her door ,"Come in..." and Monty advanced into the room with a breakfast tray loaded with fluffy scrambled eggs, toast, and an assortment of fresh fruit in bite sizes pieces just right for Chloe. A carafe held steaming coffee and a small mug held hot chocolate for her daughter. "Thought you might like to spend a little time together up here this morning; let Ob hear all the happy morning sounds of his family... I'm sure he missed you bunches." Pandora looked at him gratefully as he set the tray on a small table before the terrace doors, within sight of Obsidian's stone form.

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