Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tannr and Tori had finished feeding all the animals their evening meal when the sound of horses alerted them to the groups return. Tannr approached in time to greet his sister and say goodby and invite her for supper the following evening.

“I thought we could dig a pit, do some roasting the old fashioned way....”

“Hell yes! That sounds great... call me tomorrow...” and Raina was off with her family.

Gunnaar clapped Tannr on the back, “I come and help mit digging...”

Tori grins and adds, “Do you know how much he eats? Better dig two pits...”

Inari moves to Star to say goodbye. “I wont be able to come tomorrow night, I have duties to attend to. You can send a demifae to find Imp if you need to get a message to me. If you need Tychus one will carry a message directly to him. Let him know what Alise thinks and any ideas you may have.” Inari wraps her arms around Star, “I'm so proud of you. ..”

Star returns the hug, her eyes going to a soft brown color. “We wont see you for awhile, will we?”

“I am not sure..” Inari replies.

Goodbyes and thank yous are exchanged and Inari and the Nighthawks disappear back through the gate.

Drai watches, his eyes never stray far from Chiara, who is trying to contain her sons excitement at the possibility of seeing Tomas.

Tannr approaches and tells Drai he is welcome to stay the night.

“I would rather sleep in the woods.”

Nodding, Tannr is not offended at the bluntness. He had fought with the Wyldfae many times and knew their ways. “You are welcome to share our meal tomorrow evening. And I would ask a favor. I have messages that need to get my men...”

Drai nods curtly, cutting Tannr off. “I will be here... and will take the messages.”

Tori starts to laugh at Ryans antics, trying to get his mother to call Alise. She speaks with Star and then sends to Alise.

Can Stoney bring the kids? Star says its fine for them all to come and stay the night. You are invited to supper tomorrow and can pick them up then....some of the Riders will be watching, so it will be safe for the little ones...maybe ask Ob if Chloe wants to come too...

Tori grins at Alises response. Ohhh...a night alone? Stoney did you hear that? Tell Star we will take her kids one night soon and repay the favor...

Tannr slips his arms around Tori and pulls her close. “Better let Ob and Ike know. Maybe Monty can whip up a couple meatless dishes for Star and Chiara...”

Nodding Tori looks up to the sky. She can hear Stoneys wings before she sees him. He lands in the clearing, arms full of smiling happy children and shifts as he moves towards the gathered family. Tomas runs ahead, his Batman cape blowing in the wind behind him, the girls carrying bags and their dolls.

Not far behind Ob arrives with his family and joins the group.

Tomas and Ryan laugh and greet each other and are knocked down when Wolf and Lobo decide they want to join in. The adults laugh at the high spirited play. Tannr calls the boys over and tells the wolves to settle down. “We should hear bout Meras trip...”

Everyone settles on the front porch and a few on the steps. Mera looks at her Da who smiles his encouragement and Mera tells of all that she saw. The small creatures following in their wagons made of nuts and pines, of swimming with Eite and the water creatures in the river, of seeing the Queen and the meal in the tents. She tells of Ghaunts resting place and how pretty the Grove of Tears is. When she is done she looks to her Da once again, who nods and smiles his approval.

“Well done lass, well done...”

Mera beams at her fathers approval and the group breaks out in applause, causing a rosy blush to creep up her cheeks.

Tannr lifts her, giving her a hug. “I may lose my place as the family skald...”

“No Unca Tannr. We love the stories you tell...”

Keon takes his daughter and Chiara approaches, a blueish bundle in her hands.

“May I?” At Keons nod, she hands the bundle to Mera. “I made this for you.”

Unfolding it Mera smiles her pleasure at the gift. A pale turquoise scarf with a matching one for her doll. The weave soft as down and the colors a blend of an ocean at sunrise.

“Thank you...” Mera wraps the scarf around her neck. “Look Da...”

There was a lavender one for Tara, palest pink for Gracie and emerald green for Chloe. The girls were excited and happy there was something for the dolls too.

Star takes Ru from Erik and smiles as Wish and Pike head to the roof of the cabin. She knows the children would be safe this night. And doubly so with Trooper and his companions in the woods. She ushers the children inside to figure out sleeping arrangements. Chiara joins her, leaving the men to their talk on the porch.

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