Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pandora moved around the kitchen area helping Monty with his dishes... he cooked up some vegan foods for those that preferred them... and a few of the spicy side dishes the warriors and gars always asked for.

Tonight was usually a light night for the tavern; so Patty was going to run the bar with a couple of the college waitresses running tables... they were keeping the menu to the lighter items like burgers and fries; so it was an easy night for them.

Pandora was looking forward to leaving the tavern for the woods; she loved the outdoors... and the roof top garden just wasn't enough space some days... Chloe wanted a chance to fly with her father; and Ob had promised her some air time with Tomas and Stoney... she was dressing her in one of her outfits designed with space for her wings to come through.

Ob had told her to go ahead in the vehicle with the kids and dishes; and he would come as soon as he rose... he knew the children would play till they fell from exhaustion....

"Thats the last of it Pan"... Jeb came in the door after putting the food securely in the back of the vehicle. Pandora replied, "Okay, gathering the kids and belting them in is the last thing... the duffel with spare clothes, blankets, etc. is already secured; grab a kid and lets go"... She picked up Teri and Jeb took a giggling Chloe, doll clutched in her hands; Absynthe flew beside them and perched on Chloe's neckrest.. and Pandora and the kids were off to Star and Eric's, Jeb waving at them as they pulled out of the alley.

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