Thursday, April 5, 2012

A pickup truck slowly rumbles up the drive, Ramji's car right behind it. Laila waves as she steps out of the car, turning to pull out a box as Ramji opens the trunk. Dmitri drops from the truck as Guunnar ambles across the yard. The Viking giant drops three shovels beside the pit and puffs through his mustache.

"Ist gut start. Ve here now to hilfe. Vill make gut pit!"

Laila shakes her head at the man as she follows Ramji to the porch. Her arms are laden with bags with paper goods. "Eric, please put him to work? He just WON'T shut up!"

Dmitri snickers and moves to the back of the truck. Star opens the door as Ramji mounts the steps. She directs him where to put down the box he is carrying and helps Laila with her bags. Ramji grins at the surprised look and swirling colors of her eyes.

"Stoney thought it might be a good idea if we came ahead. There are potato salad, pasta salad, crudites... I don't know what all Alise and Laila put together...." He shrugs helplessly. "There are picnic tables and a barbecue spit in the back of the truck..."

"Keon ist brinking food as vell. He and Eite vent fishing dis morning." The big man shakes his head.

His usually shaggy hair is pulled back tight in a long braid which slithers along his back as he moves his head. That, along with his thick mustache, tight t-shirt, tight jeans, and engineer boots gives a very different image than the usual black gear. In fact all the Riders are similar in dress. Ramji tugs off his purple t-shirt and tosses it inside the cab of the truck. He pushes past Guunnar and picks up a shovel and shoves it into the big man's hands.

"Laila's right. You haven't stopped talking since we picked up Ike's truck. Time to exercize some muscles other than the ones attached to your jaws." He turns to Eric and Tannr. "So... how big do you want this? Oh, by the way. Ike bought toys for the kids to play in the dirt pile. They are in the back of the truck as well."

Guunnar grins. "I take Ike shopping. Ve got trucks, shovels, buckets... all kindt friendly!"

Laila leans close to Star and whispers. "I don't know who is worse in the stores... Shopaholic Ike, or the little boy who pretends to be a Viking Warrior."

Guunnar turns to the pretty woman. His full lower lip protrudes in a childish pout.

"Ich nicht pretend. Ich bin ein great Varrior!"

Laila and Star giggle. The Nanny can't help herself. "See... just like Tomas..."

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