Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pandora watched Obsidian fly off the rooftop garden with great relief... he would at last get to speak with the others about their new threat.

 He had been more than gentle since the night the daemon overtook him... Pandora knew his heart was heavy with the pain of hurting her, she had recovered... but he was insistent in his demands to care for her needs... tonight she was happy to see him off to visit the warriors.

She awoke with the thought in her head that elemental magick might work well for Ike... and was busy searching through her mother's books for information. Ike had become frustrated with some of the other magicks that Chloe seemed to master; that never seemed to turn out for her. Pandora knew she had powers... they just needed to figure how to channel them.

Absynthe fluttered around the room... settling on her shoulder and rubbing against her cheek; she stopped and set down her book to pet the small dragon... Absynthe was purring much like a cat, but a throatier sound. She had been acting a little different..Pandora had noticed her paying attention to Weebit's dragon... was she ready to mate?.. would she nest and present them with hatchlings? Alise had mentioned one of the children wanting a pet like Chloe's... perhaps Absynthe would present them with the little ones. She determined to talk with Weebit about the possibility; for she knew little of dragons.

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