Friday, January 7, 2011

When Star enters the tavern with Rowan she is surprised at all the people in one place. She seldom leaves the woods and then its usually to help Rowan. Rowan had told her that she would take her home as soon as she wanted to leave so Star had agreed to come and see what the party was like. As she follows Rowan through the building she senses Panther close by and then sees her on a pretty girls arm.

That must be Alises friend, Panthers mistress. And the man with her that looks just like her, twins?

Her mind touches Panther's and then the tiger, who returns the greeting since Panther knows her.

I dont like all the people either. I would want to go run too if I were you. But your masters may need protection, maybe they will let you run later...

Suddenly she notices Erik looking at her and fear replaces her happiness at speaking to the cats. Did he notice anything I wonder? Why is he looking at me?

Rowan notices the quick dip of her head and puts her arm around Star's shoulder, “Everything all right?”

Star nods and steps closer to Rowan, daring a quick glance at the cats, I'll talk to you later... Out of habit she pushes her straight blonde hair behind a pointed ear, causing Raina to raise an eyebrow at the sight. But Star, realizing she has exposed the ear quickly moves her hair back, not wanting to look so different from everyone else.

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