Friday, January 7, 2011

Keon notes the Fair One's embarrassment. The pointed eartip draws a small smile, and he drapes his cape over the back of a chair. As Alise and Stoney enter from the back hall, followed closely by Ob and Pandora, he takes his leave of A'eule and mounts the stage. His clothes are the rich brocade and satins of the Fae Courts, His straight black mane is held back by a simple bronze ring which shines under the lights. Clashing two small daggers together, Keon draws the attentions of all assembled.

"Blessings on thee, Alise and Re'mi, and all assembled in celebration! Before I became a Rider of Herne I was, and still am, a member of the High Courts. Thus said, I gift to you three small crystal balls. Trapped, within the bubbles in the crystals, is joyous laughter. If one day you find life has no more joy, then break a crystal. But this I wish for you... May you never have a sorrow deep enough to need to break the crystals. This gift I bring you from the Fae."

A'euele makes her way to the stage, handing her bundle to Keon. She deftly unwraps the bindings and exposes a beautiful statue depicting a tall thin man, hair falling to midwaist, sporting dragon wings. His wings curl forward protectively encasing a petite curly haired woman and two small children. Their faces are all turned to each other, showing great affection.

"This gift I bring to you, Grandson of Mine, a creation from your own heart and hands, crafted before you left Paris. All the love and hope you poured into this, shines forth now, in the eyes and souls of the two of you, and the knowledge of what will soon grace us. Blessings from the Gargoyles of Paris!"

As Keon and A'eule settle their gifts among the wrapped gifts on a table, a young shifter slips into place as DJ and begins to crank out the tunes. After escorting Stoney's grandmother back to the tables, Keon gets a drink from Monty and settles at the bar to watch the room.

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