Friday, January 7, 2011

The place is full of people, and suddenly the noise startles. I'm already off-balance, having found my sister and met her - boyfriend? lover? fiancee? husband? - all in one afternoon, and now this bloody racket…!

Damn you, Father! Why did you drive her away? Here's it been seven hundred years and I don't even know my own sister. May Odin piss in your soup, wherever you are.

People are all over the place; it's like someone stepped on an anthill, but then someone walks past - or rather glides, it's not very much like a walk at all - and pulls my eyes to her.


She's slight, seemingly fragile, with a mobile, expressive face and - Gods! - amazing eyes. Her face is almost childlike in its beauty and fragility; childlike, too, is her evident enjoyment of all that's happening. Someone makes her almost laugh, and her eyes change color on the instant, going from a pale, almost colorless gray to sky blue. Only one being I know of does that. Tiger starts purring then and I snap to attention. He never does that….

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