Monday, January 24, 2011

When Star enters the bathroom she see a girl standing at the sink wiggling her hands under the running water. Star tries not to stare but the girl is blue. Her skin, her eyes, even her hair. She thought at first that it was black but it is so dark a blue that it almost seems black. Star wets a paper towel and dabs at her eyes, trying to erase any sign of tears.

Cassie looks over and notices the sidelong looks she is getting from Star. It doesnt bother her since it happens pretty frequently.

“Sorry, sometimes I can't stop playing in the water. Especially running water...” Cassie reluctantly turns the faucet off and reaches for a paper towel. “Thats a really pretty coat. I saw your friend give it to you.”

“Ttt...thank you. It is pretty...” and Star pushes her hair away from her face with one hand and almost hooks it behind a pointed ear before she catches herself and simply pushes it over her shoulder instead.

“You dont have to hide your ears. You're so pretty, no one notices, trust me. And at least you can hide them if you want. I would have a pretty tough time trying to cover up all this blue skin. Can you imagine the cost of all that concealer?”

Star starts to giggle, “That would hard...”

“Yeah, and probably pretty messy. I need to get back. But you can come talk to me and my friends if you want. Most of them are shifters and understand about girls like us...” At Stars curious look Cassies adds, “You know, half human types. We should stick together in any case.”

With a grin and a wink Cassie exits the bathroom and leaves Star smiling. Half human types? I never thought that there might be others like me or other mixes of people. She must be part water nymph. I thought they had to stay in the water. Must not or its the human part. She seems really nice whatever she is....

Cassie is keenly aware of several pairs of eyes on her as she heads back to her spot at the bar. She is used to the attention her skin brings her way but this felt different, more intense than just casual interest. She moves gracefully, like a dancer and is tall, almost as tall as Raina, who is one of the people watching her. Cassies tight low cut jeans almost give new meaning to the words 'hip huggers'. Her hips sway gently as she walks, her pants barely covering her ass, the tattoo on her lower back plainly visible. Her short top shows off her flat tummy and twice pierced belly button, and its snug enough to reveal that both her nipples are pierced with small rings.

She re-joins her friends and orders a drink, wondering if Raina was interested in girls or if it was one the riders watching her. She is distracted by her friends chatter and some of the shifters start talking about Alise and the twins and she is soon lost in the ebb and flow of her friends conversations.

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