Monday, January 24, 2011

Star sits silently with Erik at her side. She had been scared to hand Keon the drawings but she didnt want Erik to think she was weak or a baby. She watched as the little fairy spoke to Keon. She knew the demifae were hiding all over the tavern in the flowers and garlands. They didnt really bother her, there were several that liked to flit around her garden in the summer. And there were fairy trees in the woods, Rowan had shown them to her. She did wonder why they seemed to be working with Keon but she didnt want to ask him. She was tongue tied around people she didnt know and didnt think she would be able to get enough words out to make herself understood. The stutter made her feel like people would think she was stupid so she usually just didnt say anything. Her eyes shifted to yellow when she looked at the little fairy and she noticed Keon watching her curiously.

When Alise and Stoney arrive they get the babies settled on the table in the back that they usually sit at when at the tavern. The twins are dozing, the car ride rocking them to sleep. Alise knew there were a few people that wanted to see the little ones before they went upstairs to have supper with the family.

Jack almost shyly walks over and shakes Stoneys hand. Giving Alise a kiss on the cheek he congratulates her, “They are beautiful, but there was not much doubt of that with you as their mother.”

Laughing, Alise swats at him, “Flatterer. They look like their papa too.”

“I dont know Alise, that tiny one looks just like you but with dark hair...”

“Her name is Tara.” and Alise pauses for a moment looking around the tavern. “Why are so many spirits here tonight? Has something changed since I have been at home?”

Jack shrugs, “Who knows. None have approached me, and nothing's different. Sometimes its just like that.”

Alise nods and then sees Star with Erik. “Oh, there is Star. I want to give her our gift.” She looks at Stoney, “I will be right back, mon amour.”

Star smiles happily at seeing Alise, and Alise kisses her cheek in greeting. “This is for you, from me and Stoney.”

“For But why?” Star seemingly confused that someone would bring her a gift for no reason.

“Well, I have been so busy with the babies that Christmas and New Years came and went and I barely noticed. We wanted you to have something. You are a good friend and so much help with the little ones. Go ahead and open it. I hope you like it.”

Star slowly sets the package down on an empty table. She opens it carefully, as if she means to save the bow and paper, making Alise giggle and giving her a memory of being young, her brothers and sisters opening presents and paper flying everywhere.

Star opens the box and sees the new coat, the palest of pinks and so soft to the touch. She lifts it out of the box, “Alise, its bb..beautiful. I have nnn...never had a new coat...”

She takes off the ratty old sweatshirt she has been wearing and dumps it into the box. Erik helps her get the new one on and Star cant stop touching it, her fingers gently touching the pale pink fabric.

“Well, then its time you had a new one. Theres no leather or fur on it and I changed all the buttons myself, I wasnt sure about the metal...”

Star looks up, worry in her eyes, “But your hand...”

“It was fine. I wanted it to be perfect for you.”

Star nods, close to tears that someone would do something so nice for her. She wraps her arms around Alise, “Thank you Alise, ttt...thank you.”

“You're welcome. Dont cry, I wanted to make you happy....” Alise says as she uses a finger to wipe the tears off Stars cheeks. “I have to go, we are having supper with Stoneys family. I will talk to you later, all right?”

Star nods and Alise turns to go. Star points to her face and to the bathroom so Erik will know where she went.

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