Monday, January 24, 2011

Pandora pauses after showering and laying out her clothes... one hand laying gently on her stomach. Chloe seems to like the warm play of water on her mother's skin... she is moving, as if she swims in her own private pool. Pandora smiles... "Chloe,my little one, you are already so expressive... you respond to everything around you; I fear I am going to be very busy keeping you out of trouble once you arrive."

Pandora dons soft cotton panties and slips into another gauze fabric dress... it is soft shades of pink and lavender... it brings the color up in her cheeks when she thinks of the little fae waking them earlier... they were both naked and she blushed at what the little man must have seen.

Slipping loops of silver with tiny pink beads in her ears and slipping soft moccasins on her feet she is ready... she runs the brush lightly through her hair and goes to the terrace door to let Obsidian know she has finished. She stands in the door, her hair rippling down her back, her breasts full in the raised bodice of her dress; the look on her face one of love... pure and true, her lips rosy pink as she opens them to speak to Ob... "I'm ready, shall we join the others?"

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